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Destiny MasterCard: A Likely Alternative for Building Credit

Perhaps you believe that your bad credit score or bankruptcy will make it impossible to get a credit card with no fees. When the economy is in a slump, most people believe it’s almost impossible to get things back on track.

The Destiny MasterCard credit card will keep your best interests in mind when your credit is in flames. MasterCard recognizes that everybody deserves to get another chance. Hence, the Destiny credit card, which is unsecured, is an excellent option for returning your credit in order.

Destiny MasterCard is available to anyone with bad credit, including bankruptcy. 

Although not everyone is eligible, your odds are good.

You can access a Destiny MasterCard Pre-Qualification Procedure that takes only a few minutes. It confirms you’re eligible for the card and which opportunities are available. Plus, it’s a gentle pull on your credit score, so it doesn’t affect your score. A hard pull will be granted if you can apply. A few months of careful use will quickly repair any credit damage you sustained through the hard pull.

Destiny MasterCard is also a secured credit card, so it is not required to pay security deposits. The credit limit of this Destiny MasterCard is set at 300. Being unable to increase the limit is one of the negatives of this credit card. Maybe some consider it a plus. The ability to have a little more spending capacity is beneficial to all. By keeping the balance low, you can ensure you can pay off the balance each month. A balance-free account is a way to start rebuilding your credit score, which is the goal of the Destiny MasterCard.

Destiny MasterCard is another excellent benefit unique to this card. Destiny MasterCard is a low annual cost compared to other cards of the same type. It’s even better. The card doesn’t have additional charges that slow down your financial performance. The list of features below is impressive.

A $59-$99 annual fee (based on credit analysis). The fee is deducted from the first bill statement, and your spending power is lower than $300 in the initial month and the month that begins the billing year.

No maintenance cost

$0 application fee

24.9 APR. It’s a very high APR, but it’s normal for a credit-building card. This number is a reason why you should not keep the balance.

Foreign Transaction Fee of 1% charge. Transactions are affordable, given that many cards carry an additional 3% fee.

29.9% Penalty APR: Ouch! Be sure to follow the rules of their organization.

Late Payment Fee. could be as high as 40 dollars and is the standard on most credit cards.

This Destiny MasterCard can also provide cash advances at a cost. 

After getting your card to find out the specifics, make sure you read the user agreement. Cash advances require approval. After being approved, you may contact us and request a PIN that will allow secure withdrawals from ATMs.

One of the significant advantages that the Destiny MasterCard has when rebuilding credit provides information to the three major credit bureaus. So, if you use it responsibly, your credit score could increase each month.

Responsible use involves observing some general guidelines:

  • Do not carry weight.
  • Make sure you pay your balance in time each month.

The most suitable applicants for this credit card are those who have experienced bankruptcy or have bad credit. However, having these traits doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get an unsecured credit card. It is contingent on several elements, so ensure they are relevant to you before applying for the card.

  • Aged 18 (19 in Alabama)
  • Current Social Security Number
  • Address valid
  • US IP address

You have not had an account that was in arrears Destiny MasterCard account.

If you can check off all of the above and have completed the Pre-qualification Process, you can apply for the credit card. The income review, debt reviews, and ID verification are the final steps you must take when you use. You might be unsure about your chances of being accepted if you’ve been through financial hardship; however, all credit history will take you into consideration, even bankruptcy.

Protection Features

When searching for the best credit card, most prefer superior security options and a credit card to make them feel safe about their bank account and purchases. The Destiny MasterCard has the same amazing protection features as other MasterCard.

If you notice unusual activity in the Destiny MasterCard, the 24-hour fraud protection program will notify you with notifications.

It is worth noting that the Destiny MasterCard has Purchase Protection which gives the cardholder no liability for charges that are not authorized.

If your card gets missing or taken, MasterCard will replace it usually within 24 hours.

Destiny MasterCard customers can rest assured of having access to the customer service representatives 24/7 and 7 days a week.

MasterCard is aware that identity theft can strike anyone and is highly devastating. If you experience the stress and stress associated with identity theft, MasterCard can help resolve the issue and gain your life back to normal.

Some of the competition

It’s no doubt that this Destiny MasterCard is a good choice for a fair credit construction account. However, it’s certainly not the only option. Let’s look at other cards you may consider checking out before signing up for that Destiny MasterCard.

Credit One Visa

It is possible to pay an annual fee lower by using Credit One Visa. The range of fees for the year is $0 to $99.

There is no sign-up requirement or monthly payments. The feature is equivalent to Destiny MasterCard.

19.49% – 25.49 APR of  The Destiny MasterCard. You stand the best chance of getting an APR lower with this Credit One Visa card. Remember that the APR should not be an issue as the card’s primary purpose is not to allow balance.

Destiny MasterCard has a fixed limit of $300.

Mobile application for easy access anytime, anyplace: Destiny MasterCard does not have a mobile app.

The Credit One American Express:

  • An annual fee of $39 is less than the amount you get from Destiny MasterCard and potentially lower than you’ll get with Credit One Visa.
  • There are no monthly sign-up fees. This feature is identical to the other cards.
  • Fixed APR of 25.49. The most expensive of the three cards.

For the first time, a $500 credit limit: The Destiny card comes with a $300 limit that is not likely to increase. The Credit One Visa has an initial credit limit of $300. It is worth noting that Credit One American Express is the winner in this class.

Here’s What You Should Be Interested In

  • No monthly or sign-up fees or sign-up requirements.
  • All credit levels are considered
  • The card that is not secure
  • Pre-approval is a soft pull on your credit
  • Online account management and payment of bills
  • Every security feature of every other MasterCard

Here’s What You Most Likely Don’t Like about

  • No reward
  • A credit limit of $300
  • No mobile app
  • There is no free credit score
  • Penalties and high APR

It is no doubt that the Destiny MasterCard is a contender in the world of credit-building. The absence of a security deposit or other costs is advantageous for this credit card. Have an interest in getting your credit back from the fire. Make sure you go through the process of pre-qualification at the Destiny MasterCard website. It’s not going to harm your credit scores on credit to apply for pre-qualification. If they grant you the Destiny MasterCard, a few months of sensible use could help your credit score get back on track.


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