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I Need a Payday Loan Immediately- How Do I Get One?

Do you have a problem with a reduction in your working hours, recently lost your job, or had some other surprise this month? If you’re struggling and thinking, “I need a payday loan now,” but your loan options seem low, consider a GreendayOnline payday loan.

Instead of traditional online payday lenders, GreendayOnline can help you get the cash you need quickly without most lenders excessive fees and rollover debt traps.

You can apply online quickly

With GreendayOnline, you can submit your request online in minutes from any location, smartphone, or tablet. Simply select the required loan amount, payment date and enter your personal details.

Quick approval loan process

All GreendayOnline loan applications offer an instant loan decision. Once you’ve submitted your payday loan application, you’ll find out in a matter of seconds if successful and how much has been approved, without having to wait days or weeks for someone to call or email you.

Upon a successful approval decision, our lenders will begin the cash transfer to your bank account immediately. This means you can have money in your account the next business day.

We review all types of loans, including bad loans

GreendayOnline understands that credit scores are not always the best indicator of whether you can afford credit. Therefore, we will accept  all types of credit history, including bad credit.

Some lenders may refuse you because you have made a mistake for some time or because your credit card balance is a little high. GreendayOnline looks at a number of factors to determine if you can afford credit.

Even if your credit score is low, it can be approved.

Do I get credit checks on my loan?

With GreendayOnline payday loans, traditional credit institutions do not perform strict credit checks. Strict credit control occurs when a lender reports on their credit report that they have applied for a loan.

This often lowers the credit score and makes other lenders less willing to approve the loan. GreendayOnline does not receive a full credit report from a traditional credit bureau, nor does it significantly charge your credit report.

Are there any additional costs I need to know about?

Some lenders may include an interest fee or a lower case fee. GreendayOnline will publish the terms and conditions of the loan, including fees, before submitting the application.

Do I need to pay the loan by the end of the month?

Many payday loans require you to repay the loan within certain days of receipt and there is no option to choose an easier day. If you already have expenses that don’t match the date of payment, it probably won’t help if a lender asks you for more money outside of the date of payment.

You can use GreendayOnline to select the exact date on which you want to repay your loan. If you need a little extra time before your next payment, just choose a different date.

GreendayOnline can assist in emergencies when you need money fast

Payday loans can help in an emergency or if the expenses don’t match up to your payday funds but you don’t want to get caught up in a costly debt trap with a predatory lender.

With GreendayOnline, there are never any hidden costs or debt traps. Everything is transparent

In addition, after successfully repaying GreendayOnline loans, you can increase GreendayOnline’s scale to larger loan amounts and / or lower interest rates.

In many states in the USA, GreendayOnline offers the option of borrowing, which means credit bureaus can see you are paying back cash and building your credit score.