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Shopping around for a car insurance is not exactly an activity that you would enjoy doing. You’d likely prefer to go to a park or shop for items that you like. Though it is a bit of a chore, it is actually an important financial tool. You will need to allot some time and patience for it, which means shopping around for the best car insurance quotes we can find.

It’s important to note to an insurer you’re not a person, you’re a set of risks. An insurer bases its premium on a number of “risk factors,” including some things unrelated to driving a car, including your occupation, who you are and how you live. Automotive insurance could be misleading as well so remember what seems to be the same product can have different prices, depending on the company. Most states in America require only a minimum of auto-insurance liability coverage, but you should look for more coverage than that.

In the UK the average car insurance policy costs around £3,100 for young males and £1,800 for young females, while motorists in all other age groups pay around £500 for their cover. It isn’t altogether cheap these days and yet a low price is certainly not a bargain if an insurer takes forever to service your claim. Research the insurer’s record for claims service, as well as its financial stability.

The level of excess can be a major factor in the final price you’ll pay depending on the required cover basically, the level of excess is the amount the driver is responsible for when they make a claim. For example, if the motorist’s excess stands at £100 and they make a claim which costs £150 to fix, the insurer will cover £50 of the cost and the insured driver will be responsible for the other £100.

car insurance

In most cases the excess is usually higher for drivers under the age of 25, but this differs depending on insurers and in many cases drivers can choose their own level of excess as this will affect the price of cover. For example, if a driver chooses a very low level of excess, their car insurance is likely to be more expensive. Many young drivers choose a high level of excess to help bring down the price of their policy.

For each consecutive year a driver has car insurance without making a claim they will earn one year’s worth of what is termed no-claims discount (NCD). NCD is used to calculate the amount of discount an insurer will give for a good claims history. This can also have a big bearing on the car insurance quote.

After driving safely for a number of years a motorist may build up a substantial NCD. Some insurers allow drivers to protect their NCD with the payment of a small extra premium. Car Insurance providers can provide discounts to reward behaviour that reduces risk. But it’s true to say Americans waste money every a year because they forget. If your vehicle is not fitted with an approved immobiliser, compare car insurance quotes with and without one fitted. It may be cost-effective to have one installed. Also restrict the drivers on your car insurance policy. In particular, minimise the number of young drivers under twenty-five.

Once you’ve found what you feel is the best car insurance cover for you personally, then you can add what you think are important extras. Some will vary from one online car insurance provider to the next. You will however find things like breakdown cover, legal protection insurance or free windscreen replacement in the price of their policies. Always check the small print and make sure you are getting value for money. If for example there’s no breakdown cover included you may be able to purchase it as an add-on. Don’t be afraid to ask continual questions if buying vehicle insurance over the phone.

You should always bear in mind when deciding to go on holiday, a motorist may wish to drive their car to another country.

However, their policy may only cover them in the UK and sometimes, the European Union. Yet again always check the small print.

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Sadly it’s a fact of life finding car insurance for new drivers can sometimes be demoralising as it can be very expensive. In this case it’s even more important to contact a number of car insurance companies and make the time to thoroughly research your needs. If you have recently passed your driving test in the UK, investigate whether it would be cost-effective to complete the Pass Plus training programme to qualify for car insurance discounts. Pass Plus is an established training course aimed at new drivers. You can find more information on this at www.directgov.co.uk

You can help reduce the cost of car insurance by driving a more compact vehicle with a smaller engine. If your car was very cheap, it may be cost-effective to have third-party, fire and theft insurance instead of fully comprehensive cover. Compare car insurance quotes.

Of course if you can pay for your car insurance in one lump sum then this in turn will help save money. If paying instalments then make sure the monthly payments are right for you over what will probably be a ten month period in the Uk.

Following these golden rules will make the job of purchasing the right car insurance much more enjoyable. There’s a wealth of insurance providers out there all waiting for your business. Remember Insure right – drive for a lifetime!!

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