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I Need Money Now: 5 Legit Ways to Get Instant Cash

In this world where bills come up constantly and expenses seem to be endless, it is normal whenever you hear people saying- I need money now! It gets more difficult especially when you need an instant cash but don’t have any emergency fund. When your finances seem to go to a downturn, there are always ways for you to get quick cash in a legitimate way.

Here are some of easy ways for you to have money fast. Most of these are doable. You just really have to be resourceful and of course, hardworking. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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1.  Get a payday loan

The following options are some of the legit ways for you to earn more money. However, there are times when you just need instant cash. One of the fastest way is for you to apply for a payday loan. This is the best option, especially if you want to avoid the hassle of securing a loan from a bank where you will be required documents, not to mention that you cannot have a bad credit.

Know More About Payday Loan

A payday loan is short-term borrowing. If you want to get instant cash without the need to submit a lot of documents and undergo tough credit application process, this may be the best option for you. The loanable amount varies depending on the approved amount by the lender.

However, contrary to what most people would think, payday loan provider also checks your credit history. They may not be as strict as traditional banks, but they do acquire information about the lender.

2.  Drive for Uber or Lyft

Signing up for car service companies like Uber or Lyft allows you to earn additional income. In fact, there are some people who have this as a full-time job. Not only do you get money fast, you also help people go to the place where they want to go.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to use these apps compared to the traditional taxis as they are considered it to be a better and cheaper alternative. The more hours you allot for this work, the higher your income.

If you plan to sign up as an Uber driver, here are some tips to get more customers:

  •    Choose your time wisely. It is best to drive during peak hours. The rates are higher and you will definitely have people who need a private car service.
  •    Make sure that your car is clean all the time.
  •    Be a polite and courteous driver. Remember that the app is rating based. If people give you good ratings, then you will have more customers.
  •    Follow the traffic and road rules. Drive safely. No one wants a reckless driver.

3.  Sell your unwanted or old items

Another way to have quick cash is to sell items at home that you no longer need. Do you have clothes that you haven’t worn because you don’t like them? Do you have appliances and other devices that you no longer intend to use? These are just some of the items that you can see. They may no longer be useful to you, but some people may need them. From old clothes to other items at home, there are quick ways for you to sell them.

Do a garage sale: Ask your friends if they want to join. If you can set even just a mini garage sale, it is easier for you to sell and dispose the items. After the garage sale, you have fast cash.

Ebay: If you do not want the hassle of having to sell your items personally, you can sign up for Ebay. When signing up for one, include the shipping charges and the seller fees.

4.  Do freelance stints

Using your skills to earn extra cash is sure a good way to get the funds that you need. There are so many people who have freelancing gigs and they earn a lot, especially if you have a set of skills that are in demand. You can work as a freelance writer or if you have other skills, you can use platforms like Upwork or other freelancing sites where you can sign up and offer your skills to potential employers.

Once the project is done, you will get paid and you can withdraw the money straight to your bank account. This option may require some brain cells, but it is worth it. Who knows you may find a client who can give you a stable income?

I Need Money Now, Instant Cash Loans Online, Quick Money Loans Direct Lenders No Credit Check

5.  Take online surveys

You have heard a lot of people taking online surveys. But what you don’t know is that you can actually earn instant cash when you take online surveys. You can spend your free time answering surveys. When you are done with the surveys, you will get paid. This option may not be the quickest way for you to get cash. Then again, this is the easiest option.

6.  Sell your jewelry

Jewelry items are great investments. Although it may take time for you to liquidate the items, but they never lose value. It is also easier to sell especially if you know friends or acquaintances who love jewelry. Another option is for you to pawn them. Jewelry pieces are luxury items that you can dispose in case you really need money. This also explains why many women would invest in different jewelry items. They can be accessories and they can also be used in cases of emergency.

7.  Rent out a room on Airbnb

Airbnb is a great choice for people looking for a private room or a whole apartment at a lower price. This is also a good opportunity for you to earn extra cash and at the same time, be a good host to your guests. With this option, you may have to incur some costs.

For instance, you will have to do some renovations if you want people to rent out your rooms. The property has to be clean and equipped with the necessary items that guests need for them to have a comfortable stay. In terms of income, you also have to do some work. You need to advertise your property and maintain it in such a way that you are able to provide a clean and safe accommodation for your clients.

8.  Do babysitting or dog walking

Doing work like babysitting or dog walking is also one way for you to get quick cash. Many people are in need of assistance with their daily tasks and if you can provide such service then they will definitely be glad to pay for your time. You can do your advertisements online or you can ask for referrals. You can ask your neighbors or your friends who may need your service.

By doing a part time job, you can get quick cash and this may also be another source of income.  It may not be a long-term solution, but it can be a wise choice.

9.  Deliver groceries

Most people have hectic schedules and so, there is a big demand for those who can help deliver groceries and other items. You can make money by delivering groceries and other items. The rate is around $15 to $20 per hour. How does this work? The customers provide the list so you know what to buy and what to deliver. You can also set your own schedule. If you have free time, you can do it and it is a quick job.

When to Get a Payday Loan

These are just some of the ways where you can earn instant money. But if you are really in need of cash, you can always apply for a payday loan.

Should you get one?

If you really need immediate cash, then you should get a loan. The process is quite fast and easy. Compared to traditional banks where it takes a lot of time, not to mention that you have to submit documents, a short-term loan is a much more viable option, especially for those who want to get immediate cash.

What Are the Requirements?

The requirements in having a payday loan approved is not as strict as conventional loans. Lending companies may vary when it comes to the requirements needed, but the general requirements are almost the same. First, you have to fill out an application form. You can either do it online or an agent will come to visit your house once you have completed your application.

The lending provider may also ask for your social security number, proof of income, and existing bank account. After which, you will already know whether your loan application is approved. In a matter of minutes, you will know the result and have the money deposited into your account.

At the end of the day, the goal is to have a stable lifestyle. But we must also face the realities of life that there are situations where we are in need of immediate cash. There are several ways to earn additional income or get money fast.


Jason Rathman

Jason Rathman

Jason writes about all financial topics such as loans, debt solutions, and bankruptcy. He is an expert when it comes to subjects like APR, loan fine print, debt collection laws within the United States. With his in-depth knowledge of all things financial, he is a great asset to Greendayonline.
Jason Rathman

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Author: Jason Rathman

Jason writes about all financial topics such as loans, debt solutions, and bankruptcy. He is an expert when it comes to subjects like APR, loan fine print, debt collection laws within the United States. With his in-depth knowledge of all things financial, he is a great asset to Greendayonline.

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