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National Debt Relief Review 2022

National Debt Relief can assist you in paying off your debts in less than the sum you’ve got to


National Debt Relief is a well-rated debt relief company that offers no-cost consultation with debt counselors who can assist. The company was founded in 2009, and the firm helps people. In our independent review of debt relief companies, Debt Relief earned the highest score under the heading in the category of “best all-around. ”


  • No upfront settlement costs
  • A no-cost consultation will assist you in comparing the various options
  • The client portal lets you track your progress in real-time


  • The cost of fees could be as high as 25% of the total credit
  • Mobile apps aren’t accessible in the program.

Top Rated For 6 Best Debt Relief Companies

National Debt Relief is a firm that offers relief using an approach called debt settlement. The company’s goal is to aid people in eliminating their debt burden. This method is where you’ll deposit the money into your bank’s savings account every month. Until you’re ready to “settle” to pay off your debts to reduce the amount, you’re due.

The company will pay National Debt Relief a percentage of the debts they pay off, but only if you’ve made outcomes. The company states that customers can save between 30% to 50% of the initial debt regardless of accounting for their expenses after the process is finished.

A free consultation will help you decide if it is the right solution for your needs.

The settlement of debts may negatively affect your credit score once you cease paying off the debts due during the program. Make sure you’re aware of the advantages and disadvantages of debt settlement before making the decision.

Pros Explained

  • Settlement costs are not upfront. There aren’t any upfront costs for settlement. National Debt Relief, you only pay for the results. Fees are paid by way of a percentage of the debt that has been settled and only once the negotiation is concluded.
  • A complimentary consultation will aid you in assessing your options: You’re in a position to call National Debt Relief to speak to a debt advisor for free. This session will allow you to talk about your concerns and figure out if you should settle your debts—Option for you.
  • The client portal allows you to track your progress in real-time. Contrary to other debt relief firms, National Debt Relief has an online client portal that lets you follow your debt relief program and monitor the development of your debt repayment any time of the day or late at night.

Cons Explained

  • Fees can range from 25 percent of the amount you’ve settled your debt. Some of the debt relief companies we’ve examined independently have National Debt Relief.
  • There’s no mobile app available for this program. National Debt Relief does have an online portal for clients. However, it doesn’t offer an application for mobile devices that lets you track the progress of your debt settlement plan in your field.

Different types of debt are addressed.

National Debt Relief aims to help consumers pay off their unsecured debts. These comprise any debt that isn’t secured through collateral. It is essential to be aware that this organization provides a page on debt eligibility. They explain what debts do not qualify and are therefore not suitable. The principal types of debts they take care of are given below.

Credit card indebtedness

If you’re due on a credit card that is standard or stores credit card, National Debt Relief can assist you in paying less than you’re owed. This applies to most popular credit cards, such as American Express, Visa, or Discover, and co-branded cards offered by retailers like Kohls and Sears.

Personal loans or Payday cash

You can also negotiate and settle any personal debts you’re facing, including a personal loan from banks, online loan lenders, or cash advances. Installment loans are also a possibility.

Business debts

Business debts can also be settled by negotiation and using lower debt than what you’re due today. National Debt Relief states that these loans must be secured and that they’d prefer to deal with obligations from companies that were already closed.

Medical invoices that are not paid

National Debt RelFor example, iff could assist you in paying less than what you owe for HEA negotiations is possible to conclude through collaboration with doctors’ offices and hospitals slanderous medical institutions.

Back rent

When you’re in a position of debt to pay your rent, you may be able to negotiate the amount due for arrears. But, you’re able to arrange your amount if you’ve no longer resided in the same place as.

Private student loans

You can also settle debts to private loans in a smaller amount. Be aware that federal loans won’t qualify for debt settlement.

It is possible to combine several kinds of debt into an agreed plan. If you’re struggling with medical bills and other business debts, National Debt Relief can assist you in paying all of them within your program.

Client Onboarding

The method to begin the process of National Debt Relief requires you to contact us to arrange an appointment for a no-cost consultation. In the meeting with a debt counselor and a debt advisor, it is essential to talk about your financial situation and the circumstances before determining the duration of the debt settlement process and the amount you can save.

National Debt Relief states that you must have a debt of at least $7500 to be qualified to participate in this plan. Also, it would help if you did not have “several months behind in your payment” since creditors won’t be attracted to negotiate Suppose that you are current on your payment.

Suppose you’re unable to pay off your debt in time to qualify t. In that case, negotiate a settlement agreement on your debt. In that case, you may want to consider alternative options, like credit counseling or a program to manage the debt (DMPs) and the debt consolidation loans.

Customer Service

The advantage of working with a firm that deals in debt relief are that they know the regulations and laws that govern debt collection within and outside. For instance, National Debt Relief states their debt counselors and experts will assist you in understanding how they can help you navigate your way through the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as the debt is paid off.

The company offers customer service through email and phone. For your free debt consultation, you can call an advisor from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. until midnight EST and on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. till the time of 10 p.m. Existing clients can get assistance by phone on Mondays and Fridays during the hours of 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

National Debt Relief doesn’t provide an application for mobile devices or chat online, making it harder to seek assistance than the other providers offer. However, the numerous positive reviews from customers are a testament to their prompt response time and willingness to help.

Company Reputation

The world of debt relief isn’t with no scams to avoid. This is why it’s essential to conduct a thorough investigation before signing up for their products. One method to conduct this investigation is to utilize the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) database that lets you find complaints from users of different debt settlement firms.

The company is rated 4.7 out of five stars from more than 35,000 reviews by users of Trustpilot.

Based on glowing reviews and ratings by other third parties, National Debt Relief received one of the top scores for the company’s reputation in our study research.

If you are dissatisfied with the service provided by the business that offers debt relief, you can make complaints with the FTC or call 877 FTC HELP.

Average Relief Amount

National Debt Relief states that your savings will depend on several factors. But, most people save 30 or more percent off the total amount of debt, and those savings are realized after considering the costs that you must pay for this credit plan.

Average Time for Relief

Your debt settlement with National Debt Relief should take between 24 and 48 months, which is standard for other organizations. The amount of time required to complete the program will depend on the amount you owe, the amount you can save every month, and other factors like the willingness of creditors to negotiate.


National Debt Relief says that their clients pay an average of between 15 and 25 % of the debts they enroll in the programs. The fee is due only after results are achieved after the loan is paid at a lower cost than the initial amount.

We decided to contrast the most highly rated National Debt Relief with Accredited Debt Relief, the business providing debt relief, which received the second-highest rating in our research. Both received top scores from Green Day Online for the customer service, business reputation, fees, and the services they provide. They also offer the same amount of time between 24 and 48 months. They also provide a free consultation, and costs range between 15% to 25 percent of the amount you’ve paid to settle the form of debts.


The final word is that there’s not a debt relief solution we’d suggest over National Debt Relief due to its professionalism, effectiveness, cost and fees, and high level of services to customers. The company has a score in the region of 4.63 out of five possible stars in our evaluation, and the standard company scored just 3.56.

Suppose you have at least $7500 of unsecured debt that you want to pay off. Seek help to get in touch with National Debt Relief for a free meeting. There aren’t any upfront costs to pay, and you’ll find out if the debt settlement process is beneficial without any commitment.

The Way We Review Debt Relief Companies

Green Day Online is conducting an impartial study that examined fifteen debt relief companies. How they provide services to customers, their ratings, and their reputation. Their costs, product offerings, and openness.

We searched for companies that offer debt relief with positive reviews. Testimonials from customers and accessibility to services. Important information about their plans, which are easily accessible online. Businesses with excellent scores from third-party sources.

In the end, National Debt Relief scored the highest score. Which was 4.63 out of five stars in our assessment, giving them the top position of “best overall. “

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