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Payday loans online same day- Is it possible?

Same day payday loans indicate that you will be distributed funds the same day as you apply. The loans are often needed by people who need cash in an emergency and do not have time to wait for a bank.  People who apply tend to have no spare cash or have bad credit.

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What other other loan names that can be deposited the same day?

Online payday loans are mainly know as same day cash advances, payday advances, short term loans, installment loans and bad credit loans.

Are same payday day loans good for emergencies?

This is when these loans come into their own. You need cash immediately, you apply and get money deposited in your account.

If you are in a bind and need money to pay a car repair to get you to work, then you need money fast. Imagine you lose your job because of this. Emergency loans can be a real lifesaver.

Should I apply online?

These loans it is simple and fast. There is absolutely no paperwork just an online form that can be done in 5 minutes or under.

If you drive around storefront lenders you may waste a lot of time and not be approved. If you have decent credit then perhaps a store will be the fastest option. If you have bad credit it is more advisable to apply online.

Can I apply for a payday loan if I have bad credit?

Yes you can apply if you have bad credit. Payday loans are especially good for people with bad credit and are the demographic that they are aiming for.

no need for you to tolerate threatening phone calls
no need for you to tolerate threatening phone calls

What is the latest I can apply?

  • Monday to Friday the latest is midday
  • On the weekend the latest you can apply is midday on Friday. Banks are not working on the weekend so funds cannot be deposited in your account.
  • During holidays in the USA you can apply anytime but the funds will not be distributed until the next business day.


How will the lender evaluate my online loan request?

Once you have submitted your information to your lender they will do a soft credit check on you to see your eligibility.

A lot of the mechanics of the lending process is done by computers. As you can imagine, this can literally save you when you have a emergency.

Loans approved will have cash the same day ( if you applied early enough) or the next business day. These are so-called same day payout loans. You should note that there is no guarantee of a payday loan as everyone has different circumstances.


What is a “no credit check payday loan”?

When you submit your application we contact many lenders who instantly approve you or not. They do this by accessing basic information on you like your income, previous defaults and if you have lived long enough at your address.

There is no real no credit check loan although looking online you would think that is not the case.

How long do lenders take to reply?

If you are approved  you will be contacted fast. Sometimes lenders have too much work and make you wait 24 hours. If you get no reply move on to the next lender.

Who are the most trusted payday lenders?

You need to do your homework. Anyone can have a website on the internet. Usually, the ones appearing at the top of Google are trusted more, but you never know. Always look before you agree to accept the loan.

How do I stand a better chance of getting a payday loan?

  • As a rule with cash advance loans you should always repay your first every loan on time. This gives the lenders confidence to lend to you in the future. If you pay back the loan in time, you are creating a better relationship with your lender.
  • If you have good credit then your chances increase tenfold.

When you need easy cash  you should be aware that the best way is to maintain a decent credit score.

What is the application process?

  • Fill in the online application now with Greendayonline
  • We will contact multiple lenders
  • If approved you will be contacted by the lender
  • Read the payday loans terms and conditions
  • Providing that is all fine, then in certain cases, you can receive funds within 24 hours.

What do I need to get a loan?

  • Have a US phone number
  • Should be legally resident in the USA
  • Should be eighteen years of age or older
  • Should have officially recognized ID such as a social security number
  • Be at your address for at least 3 months
  • A bank account in your own name ( you cannot use a third party)
  • Be employed and earn more than $1200 a month or have another source of income

What happens if I cannot repay on time?

  • Always communicate to your lender about any delays in repayment. This will keep the certainty that you will pay them back.
  •  If you are looking for the longer term, you should consider swapping for online installment loans
  • Your lender can give you other repayment options that suit you and therefore keep you from becoming a defaulter. During your loan relationship, you have the liberty of telling your lenders to contact you using specific platforms like emails or postal letters.
  • Consolidating your loan is an easier and more convenient way to repay loans. You can use the various consolidating services online to repay your loan without much input required from your side.

What are the late fees?

If you cannot pay then contact your lender. Do not delay as it can cost you even more. Tell them that you are unable to meet the payment schedule and would like to roll-over the loan.

The lender will give you the additional late fees and new repayment date. If you cannot pay do not take out an additional loan as the is only shifting the problem into the future.

Can anyone request a payday loan?

Anyone who is in employment or has a regular income can apply. The lenders are willing to accommodate people who are in work .

I am self employed can I apply for a loan?

If you work for yourself then you just need to show your income. By doing a print-screen of your online banking should suffice for most lenders. Just make sure it has the official letterhead from the institution.

Can I get a same day loan in a bank?

Banks will also want to sign a lot of paperwork and set out strict terms in case you fail to repay the loan. In addition, after filling out the forms the approval process takes even longer. So banks are a bad option when it comes to getting same day cash.