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LoanStar Title Loans Review

LoanStar Title Loans has been offering car title loans since 1995. It was established in Jonesboro, Georgia but its services are only available in Texas. With your car as collateral, you can apply for a loan. You will receive cash within 30 minutes after your application is approved by the company. The LoanStar Title Loans review provides more information on the loan terms and application process.

How LoanStar Title Loans Works

LoanStar Title Loans provides quick financial solutions to individuals in urgent need of cash, small business owners who may require financial assistance, and anyone who owns a car and has financial problems. The company doesn’t offer loans through third parties and charges fewer fees.

Based on vehicle value, the company can offer title loans of up to $10,000. The loan can be repaid either in one or several installments, depending on your ability and willingness to repay the loan quickly. You can apply for a loan at your nearest retail store. You will find one in your area among the 150 locations throughout Texas.

To be eligible for a title loan, your vehicle must not have any lien. Any other names that are not yours must be brought with you.

Process of Application : LoanStar Title Loans

To get a title loan, you will need to visit a LoanStar Title Loans store in Texas. It’s possible to apply online or by phone and have the entire process completed in-store. To get a quote online or to be pre-qualified, you can apply online. The company representative will call you to confirm your details and arrange to visit the nearest location.

LoanStar Title Loans allow you to apply regardless of your credit score or if you are self-employed. Your photo ID, vehicle, and a lien-free title are required.

The good news is that you can get approved quickly. First, visit the LoanStar Title Loans branch nearest you. Basic information like your name, Social Security Number, assets, income, and Social security Number will be required. The company will evaluate the vehicle’s value and determine the amount of your loan. The entire process takes around 20 minutes, and you can walk out of the store with your cash and your car.

Repayment Terms

The loan type you choose will affect the amount of time it takes to repay. A single-installation loan has a term of 30 days. If you select a multiple-installment loan, your loan can be repaid in monthly installments. This usually takes place over six months. The term can vary.

You have many options for payment, including online payments. This simplifies the whole process. Prepayment penalties do not apply, so you can pay off the loan early and still make your payments as often as needed.

If you fail to make your payment by the 10th day, you will be charged a $7.50 late fee.

If you cannot repay the loan, we will gladly tell you that your vehicle is not repossessed by the lender. Your car is used as collateral by the company. This is not good for either side. Repossession is still possible, even though the company will try to help you. It is crucial to evaluate your financial situation and only borrow money if possible to repay it on time.

Rates & Fees

There are several things you should remember when applying for LoanStar Title Loans. The company charges 10% interest. Depending on your location, a lien fee of $28 (or $33) is due.

Additional fees include the CSO fee, APR, and the rate of interest. Rates depend on how much money you borrow. As your loan amount increases, rates will drop. CSO fees are charged at 29.99% for $300 borrowed and repaid in 150 days. The APR is 382.80%. For borrowing $3000, the CSO fee is 24.99% and the APR 320.46%.

Additional fees could include the LoanStar Title Loans review late fee and any additional processing fees for your car title certificate. This may be necessary if you need to change or add ownership.

Bottom Line

The best loan option for Texas residents who own a car is LoanStar Title Loans. It takes less than 30 seconds, and you will be provided with all the information you need about your loan. While the fees can be quite expensive, they are normal for title loans. Its reliability and transparency are the best things about this company. It is a safe choice and won’t lead to fraud. You should carefully review all details and make sure that you pay your loan on time. This will prevent you from getting into unpleasant situations.



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