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What Documents Do I Need for a Title Loan

This is how you can obtain car title loans, Lenders will inspect your vehicle and go through all documentation requirements. Lenders will inspect the vehicle, even if you have applied online for an auto title loan. They will put a lien on your vehicle. Lenders will repay the money borrowed.

A short-term car title loan (also known as a loan against my vehicle) is secured by your vehicle. Borrowers are those who have exhausted all other borrowing options.

The vehicle’s cash worth is usually between 25% and 50%, and the loan limit is 25 and 50 percent. The borrower pays both interest and loan within the agreed timeframe, which is usually 30 days. After that, the title is free from all liens.


  • Car title loans are short-term secured loans that use the car of the borrower as collateral.
  • Because these loans often come with subprime loans, they can charge high-interest rates to customers who have poor credit ratings or low credit scores. They are not permitted in all states.
  • Documentation is required to verify your identity as well as vehicle ownership.
  • Additional procedures may be necessary for some situations to lower the risk for the lender. Potential repossessions can be tracked using GPS trackers.

Title Loans Requirements: Documents You Will Need

A car title loan may be available to the vehicle owner. The car owner may be eligible for a pink slip loan. Additional paperwork is required to get the title loan you need.

  • The original title of the vehicle identifies the owner and makes it unique.
  • Current vehicle registration
  • All references must include names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information.

Both the duplicate and function keys can be used.

The lender may take over your car. In the event of default, some lenders may require that you install a GPS monitoring system on your vehicle.  These gadgets allow a lender to deactivate a vehicle remotely.

A title loan is available to anyone with good credit. Most title-loan lenders will not check your credit because the loan amount is dependent on the vehicle’s value. A title loan can be applied for by anyone, even the unemployed.

Rates and fees

Car title loans can be more costly than traditional bank loans. While interest rates may vary from one state to another, they are usually fixed at 25 percent per month and 300% annually. To avoid default, a borrower with $1,000 must pay $1250 within thirty days.

Most lenders charge a lien fee. Lenders can charge origination fees, key fees, and document fees in addition to processing fees. These fees can easily add $25 on top of your interest and loan amount. All fees must be added to the loan amount.

A title loan is an example of a secured lender

Maria lost her job recently and is now unable to pay her rent. Maria requests a vehicle title loan to get a short-term loan for $2,500 to purchase a car. The lending company offers Maria a $1250 loan for her vehicle.

Maria will need proof of title (proof that she owns the vehicle) and any other documents required for the title loan application process. She believed interest rates were calculated annually, although they were advertised at 20% for 30 days. Maria would not have accepted an APR yearly if it was lower than 240 percent.

She had to pay $1500 her first month. It was more than she expected. She was expecting to pay $1270. Maria could not find $230 more due to financial difficulties and had to surrender her vehicle title.

Last but not least

You must own a vehicle to apply for a loan. The loan must be repaid in full. A vehicle loan can also be taken out.

Borrowers of title loans often renew their loans, leading to an increase in the total loan cost. The most important thing is your ability to repay the loan on time.



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