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Free Credit Check |‌ Green Day Online

We offer free credit check services which provide real-time alerts regarding important credit changes.

Credit Check

TransUnion provides credit information to help people understand what factors affect credit scores.

Save Money

Our sophisticated analytical tools help us understand your credit and debt to make recommendations for the best credit cards or loans for you.

Credit Monitoring

We offer free credit surveillance services which provide real-time alerts regarding important credit changes.

Get Credit Card Offers

Finding the right credit cards can be hard. Green Day Online’s recommendation engine will help you find the best credit cards for your needs.


It’s an excellent way for people to share their knowledge and have a good conversation.

Get Loan Offers

We can help you find the best student loan or personal loan for you.

What is the true value of my credit score?

Yes! Yes!

Green Day Online believes credit checking can be crucial to your financial health.

How can Green Day Online help me improve my credit score?

All your financial information in one place

Green Day Online pulls your credit information automatically every month from TransUnion’s VantageScore. This includes credit scores, debts, and more.

Get tech-driven, personalized recommendations

Robo Credit technology makes customized recommendations to help you get the most out of your finances.

How will you use your score?

Having a good credit rating is the first step to a financial future

TransUnion is a TransUnion service. It will help you to monitor your credit score. It will show you how your financial picture compares with your peers.

How often do credit scores change?

Timeline for Credit Score Improvements

Credit scores can fluctuate between once per week and several months for others. Credit reports cannot be updated unless there are credit-related changes.

Get started to Build your Credit

Credit reports can be modified to reflect your new credit line. Over time, your score may improve.

What’s in Credit Score?

Payment History

Your credit history determines 35%.

Credit Age

Your credit history plays a significant role in determining your final score. This includes factors like the age of your oldest credit cards, the age of your newest credit card accounts, and the average of all accounts.

Credit Utilization

Credit utilization is the total of your credit card debts, credit limits, and credit limits. If you have a 500 credit limit and a 500 balance, your credit utilization is 50%.

Account Mix

Credit mix can also be called accounts mix. Multiple accounts can impact your credit score.

Credit Inquiries

Lenders will evaluate your credit score before you apply for credit. Lenders also review your credit score.

Credit Score Range

Poor (Bad) Credit Score

Bad credit or poor credit can mean you fall within the 300-629 credit range. This is where approximately 22% of Americans currently sit. Some lenders will lend to you regardless of your credit score.

Fair Credit Score

Fair credit lies somewhere between good and poor credit.

Good Credit Score

Your FICO credit scores show that 700-749 is good credit. Credit history with good credit will make it easier to get loans or credit cards.

Excellent Credit Score

A credit score that falls within the excellent range means your credit score is in the FICO range. If you use VantageScore 3.0, an A would be considered.

How can you hurt your credit score?

Contact us for more information

Your credit score can be affected by credit checks, but only if there are serious credit inquiries. Green Day Online will check your credit score each month to determine if there are any negative marks.

Loan default

Your credit score can be affected if you default on any student, personal, or loan payment. This could lead to lower credit scores and ineligibility for low-interest credit.

Late Payments

It doesn’t matter if you have missed a payment for five days or one month. Late payments can negatively impact your credit score.


If you don’t pay your bills on time, your debt could be placed in collections. Green Day Online offers a free credit score assessment to help you assess your credit standing.


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for people who are unable to pay their debts and need help. Your credit score will be affected if it is high. However, it won’t affect you if your credit score is low or moderate.

How can you improve your credit score?

Disputing Errors

According to the FTC’s latest report, 44% of Americans have at least one major credit report error. Then, verify that all credit reports are correct. Finally, file a dispute online with the relevant bureaus.

How to pay the debt

Make sure to pay all of your debts promptly. To ensure that you don’t forget, you can create reminders.


Although not all landlords rent, it can improve your credit score. Ask your landlord if they have submitted to any major bureaus.

Good debt

Do not remove any existing debt that you have had on credit for some time and that has been paid in full. This will help improve your credit score. This will show that you are committed to repaying creditors.

Credit Limit Increase

To improve your credit utilization ratio (percentage of credit limit you have used), you can increase your credit line. If offered, we recommend you do so.

Myths about Credit

All three credit bureaus share the same credit report

Not all lenders report to Equifax, Experian TransUnion, and Equifax. This can cause your credit reports to look different. This is free and can help you identify any credit problems. It is essential to know the differences between your reports, as other lenders may pull your report from different bureaus.

Lenders are required by law to report my payments to the bureaus

Lenders are not required by law to report to credit agencies, but they must report to at least one bureau. Others might not report it. This will help to ensure there are no mistakes.

All past due and bad debts, collections, and tax liens will be removed from my report

Your credit reports will show you collections and debts for seven years. This includes items that include collections and bankruptcies. Chapter 10 will remain on your credit report for seven years, while Chapter 7 will remain for ten years.

I will have to check my credit reports to see if my credit score has changed

Checking your credit score does not affect it. Hard credit inquiries will not impact your ability to repay your loan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s credit?

Credit simply means that you can borrow money to purchase a product. You will have the option to borrow more money.

What is bad, good, and excellent credit?

FICO (Fair Isaac Corp. range) is America’s most popular credit scoring system. Credit scores can range between 690 and 719. High credit scores can be as high as 720 to 850.

How can I check my credit score?

Green Day Online lets you quickly check your credit score each month. TransUnion uses VantageScore 3.0 to calculate credit scores.

How does my free credit score test affect my credit score?

Conducting a soft credit check online will not impact your credit score

What is a CPN number?

A Credit Privacy Number (CPN), a 9-digit number, is legal and free to be obtained. Your credit score can be used for private purposes. This can also impact your ability to get loans or other types of credit.

Is it possible to do a credit check with Green Day Online for no cost?

Credit scores can only be affected by certain factors

What is the best way to find my credit score to open an account?

Every person’s beginning is a blank canvas. If the lender discovers nothing, you will be charged high-interest rates.

What is the best way to check my credit score every day?

Green Day Online will provide you with your credit score every month. It is based on VantageScore. Each month, you can check your credit score. It will cost you. Soft credit checks won’t affect your credit score.


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