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An Alternative to payday loans with no credit checks?

Previously obtaining a loan meant one had to dress up smart and look the part when applying at your local banking intuition.  These days with the advent of the internet is has never been easier to get a no credit check loan. With a lot of choice online it is difficult to tell which ones are legitimate and which ones have excessive fees.

No Credit Check Loans (no hard checks)

Who issues loans with no credit check?

Some day that getting a loan from payday lenders should be avoided at all costs.This is because lenders of online payday loans have extortionate rates and fees and the interest rates can easily be in the hundreds of percent.

Consumers can extend their loans multiple times and get into a debt spiral that is difficult to recover from. However, online payday loan substitutes like Greeday exist who can get money for an emergency expense or bill without a hard credit check.

What are payday loans with no credit check?

In order to know what a payday loan is we need to discuss how online payday loans function. A payday loan is a type of loan initiated online which is short-term that consists of large interest and fees.

A lot of direct lenders or aggregators are not bothered about credit ratings or if a borrower has the finances to repay the loan amount. Such loans can be alluring to those who have bad credit score or not credit at all. Good credit is required by banks checking personal information in credit bureaus as part of the application process.

No check payday loans are different in the short term loan industry.

The typical payday loan has the following attributes:

Though there is no universal definition of a payday loan, most share the following characteristics:

  • High interest
  • Costly additional fees
  • Allowance to roll-over a payday loan by not paying principle at the cut off date. Only pay the interest, rates and fees.

Payday loans are not available in every state as in some states payday lending is illegal. Storefront payday loans and payday loans online are legal in about 70 percent of US states.

Some states mandate a cap on interest and also have a ceiling on how much cash can be deposited in a bank account. Seventeen states have some sort of cap on storefront lending as well as online lending.

Payday loans online with no credit checks are OK for people with any type of credit score. These online loans are attractive to such people they can acquired fast without a financier having access to your credit score.

Although convenient these types of loans have a large cost that compound if you are not careful.

How Do You Get Online Payday Loans?

Initially look at the lending laws in your state. After that research online payday lenders and select a company that does not need credit checks. Decide how much cash you will need and apply for the loan online.

Many payday lenders have a fast form online that can be completed in under five minutes and that is all that is required to request cash.The lender receives and processes your application they will send their contract’s terms and conditions.The contract will state the amount of cash you have requested the deadline for paying, the precise interest amount and additional charges.

It should also state if the borrower is able renew the loan and if you have the choice of a loan roll-over. You should pay attention and read in detail these rates and fees to be sure that you comprehend the loan conditions.

It will be stated in the contract that you give permission for the bank account to be blocked by the lender. The reason for this is so that the lender can obtain funds from your account when the amount is due.

It is also convenient for the lender and as well as the borrower as the lender can automatically access the cash. If you need to extend or roll-over the loan you should always contact the lender in advance.

Once  permission is given for a hold on a bank account the lender will be able to deposit money into the borrowers bank. Many companies will move the loan immediately once permission is given of the hold but in some situations it can  be executed the following business day.

The money it is yours to dispose of as you wish. A payday loan is a general type of loan that is not used for any particular reason. Like a mortgage or car loan must be used for that purpose a payday loan can be used for a utility bill, car repair or any other emergency expense.

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What about predator lenders?

Payday loans often are portrayed as having an unsavory reputation. Many financial pundits suggest that one should ever  apply for a payday loan as these online loans come with extortionate interest rates attached.  Rates of 200% to 600% APR are often cited when applying for a payday loan. This amount is also independent from any late fees or other lender charges.

Let us contrast a payday loan with a normal bank loan to describe how expensive a payday loan can mount up to. Hypothetically let’s take a loan of $900 and choose between a payday lender and a personal loan company.

The personal lender gives a loan of $900 with an APR of 17% and all is arranged, you sign for the loan and receive $900. A repayment each month to the lender will be $86.55. When the loan is due you will make the final installment and you have deposited an amount of $1080.73 from your loan of $900 of which $86 is the interest. A charge stands of $86 to borrow that money for a year.

Here is an example of $500 from a payday lender. After looking online a payday lender is located who can give a $500 loan with 14 days duration at an APR of 500%. On top of this there is an additional charge of $40 to take out the loan.

The borrower accepts the loan terms and gets $500. In that short time you already have to pay the lender $602 that is the $500, interest of $62 and the $40 issuance fee. In 14 days you have generated $102 interest for the lender.

This is an extraordinary amount of money and one can see how payday loans can become overwhelming. Many people who borrow with payday loans end up extending and eventually end up in default. The above should be a good lesson in why you should be weary of taking out a payday loan.

No Credit Check Loans, Best Online Loans, Quick Cash Loans Near Me, No Credit Check Direct Lenders

Is There An Online Payday Loan Alternative?

There are other option  to a high-interest payday loan when a person needs money quickly. We can give a number of pointers to look for online for an alternative to a payday loan.

Fast Approval and quick Deposits

People probably have limited time to make a journey to the bank and then sit around waiting to see if their loan was approved. When an emergency happens in a person’s life they need quick cash. Seek out a lender that does fast deposits into your account.

Low Interest and Low Rates & Fees

All lenders work on APR and will adjust this to their risk level. Payday loans can be a challenge to repay because of the fee and interest structure that have incredibly high APR.

You should compare these rates and select a lender that can give you an acceptable rate of interest. Payday loan alternatives will give you all the information you need. Greenday’s lenders are transparent and will give you all charges so you can see how much you will end up paying.

You should find a lender that has a cap on their charges and fees as these are the elements that make it so troublesome to repay the amount you have borrowed.

No Hard Checks On Your Credit Score

When looking for a lender and taking out a loan you should look for a company that will not do a hard credit check on your credit. Many checks on your credit report in a short amount of time can impact your credit score. When looking to increase credit scores this can be a real set back. Be sure to seek out a lender that does not need any type of credit check before applying for a loan.

The Online Payday Loan Alternative: Seekcash from Greendayonline

If you are looking for a short term cash loan then try Seekcash from Greenday. Seekcash is a quick legitimate method of getting cash safely before you are paid. We have a safe way of searching out lenders with decent APR and you can apply even if you have a poor credit score.

How to get SeekCash

In the form above fill out the details and choose the amount of money that you require. The lenders will give you up to $1000 depending on your future income and the amount of money on your paycheck.

Use Your Money

After some time you will get confirmation that you have been accepted by a lender and the cash will be deposited to your account. The cash may be spent however you like. A car repair, a meal out it is your choice. When your paycheck is in your account the lender will take out the cash with fees and interest.

Get the Cash You Need Securely

Many predatory lenders are not safe and will charge you lots to get a loan. This high interest can be ignored when you need fast cash but by using Seekcash from Greenday you have an option to check out lenders.

We are transparent on interest and fees. You can even apply now by filling out the form at the top of this page.

What is the interest with no credit check loans?

Borrowers from the direct payday lenders are ignorant  of the high-interest fees that are appended to payday loans.

Often  interest rates are as high as 600% and on top of this can be additional fees.

Can a no credit check loan help my increase my credit score?

A cash advance may or may not affect your credit score.  By repaying your loan on time it can increase your score by as much as 80 points. Failing to repay the cash advance on time can do the opposite. It is always recommended you repay on time.

How much money can I get without a credit check?

The loan amount is based on a few things such as your income and history of defaults and bankruptcy etc. With Greenday you can borrow between $100 and $1000.

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