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Online Payday Loans Direct Lenders

Do you need a payday loan from a direct lender? By definition a lender who issues the loan is the direct lender. The common thought process is that by using a direct loan lender you will be cutting out the middleman. By doing so you will be able to get a better rate. The reality is that it all comes down to the terms and conditions of a direct lender or aggregator.

Payday direct from lenders offers its customers short-term unsecured personal loans with high fees and interest rates. The assumption is that the cash deposited in your account is not from an intermediary and there is not third part as a middleman.

A lender with no third party means the brokers stand aside and let the actual lender make the loan.

Using Greendayonline we make it easy to get a loan from direct lenders with amounts starting with as little as $100 and going up to $1000 for a payday loan and $5000 for an installment loan.

Do Direct Lender installment loans differ from payday loans?

Installment loan amounts rates and terms differ from payday loans. The are not short term financial products like payday loans. Installment loans are with monthly payments. They can be deposited fast the next business day and the personal information required is similar to a payday loan.

Why should you choose Greenday online Direct Lenders?

Through our network of direct lenders we are able to get you all sorts of short term loans. You will be shown the term and conditions and all the lenders should have a license from the USA. We only ask for the information the direct lender needs and when accepted the lender will be the only one who can see your information.  You can start now by filling in an online request form above on this website in order to start getting direct lender loans.

What are the Benefits of Working with Direct Payday Lenders?

There are numerous advantages that you can benefit from when working with direct lenders.

  • The online request can be made from any device with a browser
  • The cash can be deposited as soon as the same day
  • The loans need no collateral so you do not need to pledge any assets.
  • The request process is done in 5 minutes or under.
  • The cash is deposited straight into your bank account
  • If approved the cash can be deposited as soon as the next day
  • No credit checks that can reduce your credit score
  • Perfect small amounts to keep you afloat until payday.

Direct lenders do not perform hard credit checks as you just need a job, be over 18 and be earning in excess of $1000 a month.

The majority of people making a request on Greendayonline qualify for the above criteria. Request cash now from direct lenders who are waiting to deal with your urgent emergency expenses. They want to lend to you and get cash deposited in your account today or the following business day.

How Do I Apply For A Direct Lender Loan?

The whole process can be done in 1-5 minutes by using or quick and easy application form. Once you have submitted your information the request process begins and it can be over in 30 to 180 seconds. Often the loan is approved quickly. Once approved the lender will contact you to finalize the loan. You should read the terms and conditions to see if it is acceptable and then approve or deny the loan. You do not need to agree if the lenders conditions seem unreasonable.

What is the direct lender process?

  1. The borrower obtains a loan.
  2. Then direct payday lenders provide the direct lender with authorization to send Automated Clearing House debits to the consumer’s account at a later date for repayment.
  3. The payday lender’s bank originates the debits using the ACH network.
  4. Other payment options include wire transfer and remotely created checks.
  5. The lender can distribute and deposit the loan the same day in certain situations. This is not guaranteed though.

Payday Loans from Direct Lenders Fees?

Any lender that is asking for costs and fees in advance could be an unscrupulous lender. Be careful of such lenders. If they suggest up-font fees terminate the call and move on to the next lender.

The lender may claim to be legitimate but by their actions it is easy to weed out the bad actors. Armed with this knowledge you now know to avoid fees and costs upfront. Never agree to such conditions. If you find yourself in such a situation Greendayonline can help you consolidate your payday loans.

When Do I repay The Direct Lender?

If you are employed or receive income constantly you should qualify for a payday loan. The repayment of such loans are due when your next payment comes in. If in a job that would be your next paycheck. You may be able to roll over a payday loan into the following month but in general the payment term would be no more than 30 days.

Do Direct Lenders give instant approval?

You are probably reading this as you need some quick cash to pay down an emergency. You are in the right place as Greendayonline can get you cash fast. Our direct lenders are standing by to get you a cash loan with no hard credit checks. Put in your information now and get a quick decision to pay off your urgent expense.


Are the lenders regulated?

Currently, both state and federal regulators are focusing on the payday lending industry in order to protect consumers from possible illegal payday online cash loan. Payday lending practices are most commonly regulated at the state level.

How Do I find Legitimate Lenders?

Decent companies will display all their terms and conditions on their websites.  Transparency of all the fees is a condition by law and should be displayed in the footer of the website you are visiting.

Is payday lending legal in all states?

Some states completely prohibit payday lending, while others have higher requirements towards lenders, such as they have to be licensed and comply with maximum fees, loan amounts and interest rate requirements, among other restrictions.

Are the lenders good when you have bad credit?

It really does not matter if it is a direct lender or intermediary. The main component for you to look when you have bad credit is the interest rate and fees. A intermediary can have just as good terms as a direct lender if not better.

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Are direct lenders online or in a store?

A growing number of payday lenders provide payday loans online. Consumers with good or bad credit scores can even go through a loan application and obtain a cash loan and authorize the repayment of its amount and fees during the same online session.

Cash advance loans are moving more online these days as everyone is connected to the internet and it reduces costs.


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