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GreenDayOnline Editorial Policy

Building a better credit record with low-cost personal loans

You may be surprised to know how financially stressed most Americans are. Here are some statistics which reveal how tough the situation in America is financially:

  • Close to 66% of Americans aren’t financially literate.
  • A staggering 80% of Americans have some sort of debt.
  • The percentage of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck is as high as 78%.
  • As many as 60% of American households tend to experience some kind of a financial shock in one year. Such financial shocks (e.g. medical emergency, major car breakdown, loss of jobs) cause higher indebtedness and greater financial instability.

If you can resonate with these statistics or if you faced such a situation in the past (or currently are), then you can benefit from important financial information which covers the right topics in an easy-to-understand format.

If you have a low balance in your bank account, and if you want to navigate your financial situation, then you can certainly benefit from some how-to-do points.

We understand this important need and that is why our editorial team at GreenDayOnline is committed to provide you with well-researched, factual, informative, and accessible content that will ultimately grow your knowledge and help you secure your financial future. We want you to be able to make the right decisions after reading our content.

We would like to inform you that our editorial staff is trained to abide by our strict editorial policy. Our staff is required to deliver content which is accurate and high-quality.

We do not accept or publish any marketing-heavy or sales-like articles which simply parrots other websites or spams you with unwanted material. Neither do we attempt to trap anyone into scams or illicit schemes.

That would go against our basic principles and ethos and we are not interested in creating a bad reputation for ourselves.
In order to comply with our stringent editorial standards, we ensure that we hire professional copywriters, journalists, and research analysts. We look at their educational qualifications and prefer at least a Master’s Degree or a PhD. We also look for considerable past experience in content writing before hiring each team member.

We also regularly incorporate the views of experts and people of authority on subjects such as personal finance, lending, credit, and other related areas. We believe in having a broader view by seeking views of people other than our team. All the decisions about editing are taken by the editor-in-chief or members of our board.

For your reference, we have detailed below our process of publishing research and creating content. Feel free to inquire about the profile of our editorial team. If you have any questions, then please contact us or send us an email.

We hope that you have found this information useful. We thank you and hope to serve you with your financial needs.

Name Jason Rathman

Publishing research

We at GreenDayOnline conduct research and compile reports which are original in nature and bring out new useful information for our readers.

The purpose of our research segment is to bring to the average American insightful information about personal finance which can help with smart decision making.

The data that we compile for our research content is vetted thoroughly by editorial board reviews as well as peer reviews. All the data is validated and screened for its originality.

The method of collecting data, its analysis, and its interpretation is scrutinized. The reference list and the design of the work is also carefully assessed. Information about our sources and methodology is available at any time as part of our commitment to transparency.

The process of content creation

Hard-earned money is an important topic for everyone. Such important topics deserve the most credible and accurate content. Credibility is built through the establishment of processes which vet and rigorously review the information at every step.

Our blog posts, website content, articles, info-graphics, research reports, and e-books are original and created by our team. We also believe in getting an outside neutral viewpoint on a topic.

Therefore, we regularly bring in the opinions of industry experts to go with the views of our editorial staff. In order to avoid any conflict of interest, we do not provide any affiliate compensation or establish any such links with our content contributors.

If any of our posts involve writer collaboration, then we make sure that the co-authors are identified in the final version of that post.

If the post is authored by the editor board, then no such identification is done.
If a particular topic is trending at a certain time, then we bump up posts related to that topic towards the top of the blog post list. If a post is refreshed, then we indicate that it has been done so.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with quality content which is actionable, useful, and increases your financial literacy. We are not here to sell you something with a sales-pitch-like article.

Reaching out to the editor

If you would like to speak to us about our services or about our editorial policy, then feel free to reach out to us. You may call us or write us an email.

About Us

GreenDayOnline has a 15- year experience in providing various types of loans to borrowers of all credit profiles. We have worked with bad credit as well as good credit borrowers.

We offer payday loans, title loans, business loans, cash advance, installment loans, personal loans, and payday online loans.

We are based out of San Antonio, Texas, and are one of the fastest growing loan companies in the San Antonio region. For more information, visit