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What Are Online Installment Personal Loans?

Online Personal loans, student loans and car title loans are basically installment loans.  Most loan products that websites call installment loans are short-term loans with high interest rates.  Even if you have bad credit or no credit, you can still apply for such a loan meeting your financial needs.

Unlike credit cards or lines of credit, a borrower must decide in advance how much money he would like to borrow.

Both unsecured credit cards and installment personal loans are useful tools, which can be adjusted to your financial needs, when you need to borrow money. Both have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Below there are some questions on the variants of credit cards and installment loans.


Do installment loans have monthly payments?

They require one or a number of regular payments every month depending on your  loan agreement. The term for the loan as well as the rate is agreed between you (the borrower) and the financial lender in advance. Greendayonline’s lenders can get you cash into your checking account as soon as the same business day.

What are the requirements for an installment loan application?

You need to demonstrate that you are at least 18 years old. You also need a functional email, a working phone number, a checking bank account, a creadit card and proof of income (or proof of employment).

Can they help my credit score?

It is also worth mentioning that if your payments are on time, installment loans can really help you with rebuilding your personal credit score.

Can I get Guaranteed installment loans?

You maybe be searching for a guaranteed installment loan for bad credit and hoping such a loan exists. The reality is that credit bureaus are still going to try and weed out bad actors. So by having defaulted on a loan previously, this does not help. Providing you meet the minimum requirements, you are in with a good chance of getting a loan.


Can I get guaranteed a loan from direct lenders?

Direct lenders also want to check your basic details in order to lend to you. So whether it is online or direct in a storefront location, direct installment loan lenders are going to perform a soft credit check on you.

With unsecured loans you get your money from a direct installment lender.

Can borrowers with bad credit be approved?

Borrowers with all kinds of credit can apply for and get approval for monthly loans. It is better to pay back over a longer period of time when you have limited funds on your credit card.

  1. Look online for the top credit bureaus in Google and compare interest rates
  2. Check the business loan rates 
  3. Study how they assess bad credit and perform personal credit scores
  4. Look at all the options on how much you have to pay back monthly

How soon can an online installment loan be approved?

Installment loans can be approved within a few hours or the next business day, or they can take a couple of business days. It all depends on the borrower’s profile. But generally speaking, installment loans have a very quick approval process.

Do Installment Loans Have No Credit Checks?

Lenders only do a soft credit check on you. If you went for a traditional bank loan with bad credit they would turn you away.

Often loans from banks come with attractive interest rates, but they are generally available to those who need it least and have good credit scores and a checking account.

If you have no credit, then things are more complicated. No credit check is not really honest, there is always some form of analysis no matter how small.

What is the best way to apply for a loan?

Simply head over to our website and fill out a short application form. It is available online 24X7. Once you submit the form, we will get back to you with a decision not later than the next business day.

Which company should I look for?

Bad credit installment lending companies come down to two main elements. The APR interest rate and the loan terms and conditions. When you request your installment loan, you should look exactly at the interest and monthly payments.

Secondly you should check out late payment fees and rollover charges. GreenDayonline’s lenders give you clear and concise information, and we believe that we are the best installment loan lender for these very reasons.

What are the repayment requirement?

You have to pay it back over an agreed period of time pre-determined in your loan agreement. Going for this type of online loan makes the most sense when you (borrower) need money only for a short time period.

It is usually monthly but can also extend into years. The payment period is monthly, and the time depends on how much you borrow and your ability to repay.

What is the interest ?

Our online lenders charge higher interest and APR to cover their financial risk, but the upside is you get the loan you need to pay back monthly. The bank rate is 6 to 36 percent, whereas shorter term loans can be 150-400%.

Are payday and installment loans different?

Online payday loans should be settled at your next payday.  Long term installment Loans can last years if you take out a mortgage. In reality most people are looking for a personal installment loan for several months. Payday loans are short-term products and should be repaid quickly.

Monthly payments mean you are able to plan in advance for your financial repayments (depending on the rates on offer).

What are the advantages?

The advantages of an installment loan online is a great option for people with bad credit. These options are:

  • The lenders of installment loans will not do a hard credit check on you
  • Most installment loans are approved as long as you provide personal employment and financial bank details
  • Conditions for bad credit installment loans are superior to personal payday loans or even some bank loans.
  • Paying back your loan monthly installments can actually increase your personal FICO credit score. By paying back regularly these financial payments will contribute to increasing your good credit.
  • Installment loans for bad credit with online payments give you personal reminders monthly helping you pay on time and thus improving personal credit scores.

Installment loans are unsecured bad credit loans with a relatively small sum with high-interest rates. They are some of the most popular options for personal loans you can find with monthly payments

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Reliable Interest Rates Means Monthly Payment
  2. Longer duration Means Lower Monthly Payment
  3. Quick Approval – the next business day
  4. Simple application process
  5. Larger loan amounts on offer than payday loans
  6. Money possibly the same day

Is the interest less than payday loans?


Installment loan lending companies not only provide borrowers with much lower interest rates on their loans compared to other types of loans, their clients also build credit if their credit history is bad or if they don’t have a credit history at all. Bad credit also improves.

What to do before you borrow

If you are considering a loan, the first thing you should probably do is get information about all types of monthly installments loans to find the one that is best suited for your situation.

After that, you should find a reliable  loan lending company to work with like Greendayonline.

Get quick loan

A couple of things you may want to do before you proceed with your installment loan:

  • Ask which are the types of loans you qualify for.
  • See if there are any hidden fees or charges you’ll have to pay apart from the interest rate.

Doing those things will help you find an honest and direct financial lender.

You shouldn’t apply for an installment loan if you are not completely sure that you need one. If you decide to apply for one, you should ask yourself whether you can afford to repay it. Your ability to pay back the installment loan should be your main concern. As minimal checks are required you might find it is too easy.  Our customer service is standing by to assist you.

If you are ready for a payday loan or installment loan call our customer service now on (800) 233-9435

Apply for your loan

Once you’ve decided which type of loan you want and you have found the right lender, there’s only one thing left to do – submit your application and get the cash you need the next business day.

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