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How to Apply for PPP Loan Online| Green Day Online

This page was created for those who have submitted the loan application through Green Day Online and are working with Green Day Online’s partner to complete the PPP loan application. This page isn’t intended for people who wish to submit their applications through another provider. Green Day Online is not a lender, and it’s not required to make a loan application from Green Day Online or its partner to obtain PPP funds.

Step 1: Open your PPP application.

If you submit a PPP loan application request with Green Day Online, you will first submit the PPP application through our partner. Suppose you’ve already submitted your application and are already on this site. Submit your application to our partner.

After you’ve submitted all required details and supporting documents, your application will be analyzed and submitted to a lender who participates in Our partner’s PPP marketplace, which lenders can have access to.

Suppose you’ve been unable to access the portal for application. Here’s how to access your account. Most likely, you were sent an email by our partner, which includes information about your account to log in to your account portal.

If you cannot locate this email in your mailbox, you can sign in to your account by altering your login through the address you received with your loan request. Then, sign in. The login information you input is the same as when you log in to the portal offered by our partner Green Day Online or through our partner.

Once you’ve signed in to the portal to apply, you can click “Edit the application” to review the information you have already provided and make necessary changes to the application conditions.

Then, you’ll have to follow the following steps to complete your application with our partner and then make it available to the lender.

Step 2: Update or confirm the existing information regarding the business

Verify that every effort is completed correctly. Below are a few areas that you need to take note of.

  • Address for businesses is to verify that you’ve got the correct address using five digits from the zip code (you need to enter the zip code’s five numbers and not the nine-digit zip codes).
  • The kind of company: Make sure you’ve chosen the correct type of company. This will affect the documents you’ll need.
  • Corporation Tax IDs Enter the ID or confirm that you’ve entered your tax-exempt tax number. Make sure you’ve checked for errors and ensure that you’ve entered the correct ID. That ID that you entered has nine numbers.
  • The amount you request cannot exceed 2.5 times the monthly cost average of your payroll. The amount of the loan shouldn’t exceed zero. It shouldn’t exceed the hundreds of millions in dollars. If you require assistance, you can use this calculator to calculate the number of loans you can get through the PPP application.
  • Employee count: Ensure that your employee count is between one and 500. Sole proprietors and employees with 1099 have to finish count 1. Zero is not an acceptable count.

Step 3:  Add new requirements to the Business Information

In the “Business details” part of the application form, you’ll be required to fill out these fields.

  • The date that you launch your business should be similar to the date you’ve stated as the date on the Secretary of State’s Form.
  • Sectors Begin typing your industry and choose one of the possibilities that appear. If you cannot identify the specific industry you’re seeking, choose one closest to what you’re seeking. Green Day Online does not accept applications without a drive.

Step 4: Confirm ownership with the numbers or enter them into the computer

On the initial “Owner Specifics” page, confirm that the owner is the person who applies to get the loan. The person is applying for the loan. The percentage of ownership must be higher than 0.

Step 5: Input or verify Additional Owner Information

Then, you must complete or verify the information required to add additional owners (if you can identify any). Add the name of each owner with a minimum of twenty percent ownership of their company.

The fields required for the “Additional Owner” page must be filled in and the “Additional owner” page must be filled out, including the date that you celebrate your birthday. (You must provide your birthdate to the person who is trying the application via”the “E-Sign” website.)

It is crucial to remember that you’ll require the photo from the color version of your Driver’s License for each owner in front and rear. Then you’ll have to upload the document to the “Documents “Documents” section. (It’s another step. We’re trying to provide an accurate alert to inform you).

Step 6: Confirm or upload the documents

On the “Upload documents” page, you will be required to submit all the necessary documents or verify that the information you uploaded previously is correct. Make sure you upload the documents that are missing to complete your PPP loan application.

If you don’t have the attached documents in the form below, you can upload them right now:

  • Driver’s Licenses for all owners with an ownership stake of 20% or more in the company. Photocopies of the back and front of your Original Driver’s License for each owner. Make sure the Driver’s License is not expired.
  • Acceptable forms of payroll (listed in order according to Green Day Online’s apparent preference):
  • Businesses that wish to be considered for a PPP loan application
  • Quarterly 941 tax returns (2019 2020 Quarter 1)
  • 944 Tax Returns per year (2019)
  • Payroll Payroll Payroll Report for the 12 months that have passed
  • 12 months of the most recent bank statements
  • To obtain a 1099 certificate, Independent Contractors and self-employed persons who seek loans through the PPP:
  • IRS 1040 1040 Schedule C IRS 1040
  • 1099s (under which you earned compensation)
  • Information about the income and expenditures for 2019
  • Each applicant is certified.
  • Statements from the bank account of the institution of business
  • Other forms of documentation that can be used to demonstrate the expense of payroll

Step 7: Check your email for additional instructions given by our partner or lender

After your application has been accepted and approved by the partners we work with, they’ll place your application on the lender marketplace, in which the PPP lender will review your request and provide you the opportunity to obtain a PPP loan application.

If a lender decides to examine your loan request, you’ll get an email from the partner as well as the lender. Be sure to read the emails attentively and follow the guidelines to determine if you’re qualified to receive the loan you want.

If you’re accepted to borrow, then you’ll require an official duplicate of the check that has been canceled to submit to your lender to let them know the location in which the money will be utilized.

You’ll also be required to sign a contract. The lender has ten days from the date of approval before being allowed to make loans. But, the current situation is not an ongoing goal since regulations have been modified multiple times to give the lenders a longer time to pay for loans.

If you’d like, you can rescind the loan application by communicating with your partner through their website.

Green Day Online is not a lender, so you don’t have to apply for an advance through Green Day Online or its partner to gain access to PPP funds.



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