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There are bank accounts that can help you to open an account online for those with bad credit score and no deposit to get a new start. Bank Accounts for Bad Credit can assist people facing credit report challenges.

Having problems opening a bank account with poor credit is common.

Bad credit accounts can help you get back into banking and save you money. Americans without a bank account might have to pay high fees for services such as checking cashing and prepaid cards.

If you don’t have one, you’re not the only one. A recent FDIC report shows that around 7.1 million households don’t have a bank account.

Top Choices: Open Bank Account Online No Deposit Bad Credit

1. Chime Spending Account

Chime, one of the online-only banks, allows you to open a bank account with no deposit, bad credit, or opening a deposit. If you open a high-yield savings account, you will earn 0.50%+ (APY).

Chime is our top pick as it offers visas without credit checks and reports directly on all three major credit agencies.

Features of the Chime Spending Account

  • Chime saves you 200 on debit card purchases without overdraft fees.
  • Direct deposit allows you to get paid up to two days before the due date
  • Send money and deposit cheques. Pay your bills.
  • 60K+ ATMs are available at Walgreens, CVS, and 7-Eleven. They are also available at no additional charge.
  • An optional Credit Builder Visa Credit Card.
  • There are no overdrafts or monthly maintenance fee.
  • Mobile check deposit is available for personal banking customers.
  • Daily balance update

The best checking accounts for people with poor credit

Find the top 10 online checking accounts that people with bad banking history can use and get rid of your prepaid debit card by 2021.

2. OneUnited Bank

All US residents can access OneUnited Bank’s online bank accounts. All US residents can access OneUnited Bank’s online banking accounts.

OneUnited Bank offers many checking account options. The U2 checking account, however, is for people with bad credit. It will help you get your finances in order. To apply, click the orange button.

U2 E-Checking Account Features

  • Minimum opening deposit
  • You can make payments two days before the due date
  • Online banking and mobile banking app are free
  • Surcharge-Free Cash at More Than 30,000 ATMs Nationwide
  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture lets you deposit checks using your mobile app.
  • No Charge Bill Payment
  • OneUnited offers secured lines of credit that report to major credit agencies.
  • Monitor your banking history easily through online account access

3. Acorns Checking account – $75 Bonus

Acorns, a financial technology company, offers checking accounts with the first debit card usage that allows you to save, invest, and earn. You can use your debit card to access ATMs all over the country.

Acorns Checking Account Features

4. Douugh Banking

Douugh accounts have all the advantages of Traditional banks’ checking accounts but with no additional fees. Douugh provides all the essential Banking services focusing on improving your financial health and helping you live a better lifestyle.

Douugh Account Features

  • Two direct deposit funds minimum of $250 and a $75 bonus will occur. The lender will deposit the bonus into your Acorns account in less than 45 days.
  • Direct deposit allows you to get paid up to two days before the due date
  • No overdraft fees.
  • You can make ATM withdrawals free of charge or be reimbursed.
  • Totals all debit card transactions and invests any extra.
  • Check deposit and check to send
  • Bank transfers are free
  • Automatic bill payment
  • FDIC-protected checking account with a maximum of $250,000 and Fraud Protection

By offering these features, Douugh combines the advantages of Traditional banks with modern Banking services to better cater to the financial needs of its customers.

  • Douugh does not require a minimum deposit requirements account. There are no transfer fees or overdraft fees.
  • Douugh can notify you instantly if Douugh funds your checking account or when you make a MasterCard debit card payment.
  • Free ATM transactions at over 38,000 MoneyPass ATMs
  • A virtual card that includes a dedicated Jar for tracking and paying bills.
  • To save even more, set up Savings Jars. Jars can help you organize and track your savings account balances goals.
  • Savings can be insured for up to $250,000 through Choice Bank Member FDIC

5. SoFi Money Account – $25 Bonus

A minimum deposit requirement of $10 is required to open a SoFi Money account. Direct deposit sign-ups will receive $100

SoFi Money Account Features

  • $10 Minimum opening balance.
  • Direct deposit allows you to get paid up to two days before the due date
  • Get 0.25% Annual Percentage Yield (APY), 8x more than the national savings rate.
  • No-fee overdraft coverage.
  • Allpoint Network provides 55,000+ ATMs around the world for free.
  • You can get up to 15% cashback on your everyday purchases
  • Scheduled payment with Automatic bill payment
  • FDIC-insured deposits up to $1.5MM through the SoFi Money sweep program with partner banks for efficient cash management.

6. Continue Reading – 100 Welcome Bonus

GTE Financial does not use ChexSystems. However, they will confirm your identity via a credit inquiry. The Go Further checking account offers a fresh start in banking.

Continue reading for more information about your account

  • Free Access to up to 30,000 ATMs
  • 24/7 Virtual Banking (Online/Mobile/Telephone)
  • Make a $3 deposit to receive a payment within two days of the deadline.
  • Bill Pay, Zelle(r), Friends & Family –
  • Unlimited check writing.
  • Alerts About Account Balance
  • No Charge Bill Payment
  • Remote deposit – Use the GTE Mobile App or Deposit2Go
  • Cash Deposits – Available at selected locations
  • Banking Apps – Manage your account on the go
  • Monthly Service Charge – None for online account maintenance

7. GoBank Online Checking

GoBank offers a mobile banking account. It costs a small fee to deposit cash in person at 7-11 and Walmart. Experience the convenience of Banking Apps for easy account management.

GoBank Online Checking Account Details:

  • $8.95 per month fee, unless direct deposits total at least $500 each month.
  • You don’t need to use ChexSystems.
  • To deposit cash at participating retailers such as Walmart and 7-11 costs $4.95
  • An opening account at a physical branch requires a $2.95 fee. Register online or through a mobile app to receive a free.
  • There are two ways to get cash free of charge: cashback with a debit transaction or in-network ATMs

8. Wells Fargo Bank

Customers who can not open standard accounts because of past credit history, bankruptcy, or other financial problems can have the Clear Access Bank account from Wells Fargo, one of the major banks. Your account can be converted to any Wells Fargo account, offering a better banking experience.

Clear Access Banking Features

  • Overdraft service protection available, preventing negative account balance and additional fees.
  • Non-sufficient funds and overdrafts are free.
  • No paper checks
  • Bill Pay and Online Transfers
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Contactless and chip technology, as well as debit card
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free Access to over 13,000 Wells Fargo ATMs
  • Budgeting Cash flow
  • Text banking

9. Corporate America Family Credit Union

Corporate America Family Credit Union provides a new-start account that allows you to establish a positive record. They require an initial deposit when opening the account.

Fresh Start Checking Account Details:

  • Always have at least $100 in your regular checking account.
  • $10 per month
  • Bill Payment
  • Corporate America Family Credit Union is a great place to join.
  • Visa debit card
  • This online course will give you the tools and knowledge to manage your checking account better.
  • Be mindful of ATM charges when using non-Corporate America Family Credit Union ATMs.

10. Unify Financial Credit Union

Unify Credit Union offers “Right Start” checking to account holders with poor credit histories who are new to checking. The account requires an initial deposit for a hassle-free start.

Right Start Checking Account Details:

  • A $25 deposit is required, and a minimum balance is to open an account.
  • There are no per-employee or monthly fees.
  • Overdraft Protection up to $250
  • Access to eBanking

Below are some statistics about opening an account online for those with bad credit scores:

BankAccount typeInterest rateAnnual fee
Capital OneSecured credit card16.49%-26.49%$39
DiscoverSecured credit card14.99%-23.99%$25
Self LenderPersonal loan10.99%-35.99%$25 application fee
Statistics about opening an account online for those with bad credit scores

What bank account is suitable for people with bad credit?

Banks know that people can make mistakes with their banking issues, so they offer checking accounts for people with bad credit. These accounts are one of the types of accounts that cater to individuals with poor credit history.

Many people need to receive basic financial education. You must learn how to manage your checking account or handle various financial products. Financial literacy is a compulsory subject in high school. Twenty-one states have made financial literacy mandatory for high school students.

You can combine your ChexSystems records with bad credit. The bank will then be able to sell the debt and report it back to credit bureaus.

You can still rebuild your credit. One option for rebuilding credit is a credit builder card, which helps establish a positive credit history over time. You can also open a checking account to restore poor credit.

Are you looking for easy approval credit cards with no deposit? While those may seem like an attractive option, it’s important to remember that credit cards can be a slippery slope, especially for those with bad credit. Instead, consider rebuilding your credit through responsible checking account management and financial education. Many banks offer checking accounts for people with bad credit, and financial literacy courses are becoming more widely available. Remember, with dedication and patience, you can rebuild credit over time.

People with bad credit should open a bank account online for two reasons: No Deposit is Necessary

It is essential to perform financial transactions quickly in today’s mobile world.

  • Cash is less popular. It isn’t easy to open a bank account.
  • Check-cashing shops are costly.

Take care not to overload your account

To avoid overdrafts, track your money. Online access is possible for most banks, but not all. You can also receive account updates and alerts from many apps.

Accounts for people with bad credit or second chance accounts might not be free.

The bank will closely monitor your new account. Keep an eye on your balance and open an account with overdraft protection to avoid unpaid overdraft fees.

ChexSystems: How did you land?

Unpaid overdraft fees are why many people end up with ChexSystems and EWS records. Lenders contact s collection agency if your checking account has an unpaid balance due to unpaid overdraft fees. They add the debt to your credit report. You can only remove your credit score if you pay your bills. Bank accounts are mandatory for people with bad credit.

5 Ways to Open A Online Bank Account With Bad Credit: No Deposit Needed

With good credit, you can open a checking account.

1. Search for banks without ChexSystems

People with poor credit are not eligible for chance bank accounts. Some banks may not use ChexSystems and offer opportunity checking. Customers with bad credit might be eligible to open opportunity checking bank accounts. Banks can use ChexSystems for account verifications of chance bank accounts. When looking for a bank, make sure you check the policies.

2. Contest your ChexSystems Report

ChexSystems is not regulated. Federal law permits you to request a free ChexSystems report once every 12 months. Online corrections are possible for any errors or omissions in your ChexSystems report. You can also challenge credit reports.

What do you need to know?

  • Negative balances
  • Fees for Insufficient Funds
  • Overdraft
  • Unpaid loans

You must report ChexSystems disputes to banks that have the required documentation. Customers of ChexSystems should be reported to banks that adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Usually, the bank or ChexSystems will usually investigate the dispute within 30 working days of receiving it. Sometimes, however, the investigation can take more than 30 days. If this happens, it is best to close the account.

In exchange for removing negative information from your ChexSystems Report, you can settle your debts with the bank/collection agency. Remember the importance of liability protection and be aware of potential foreign transaction fees.

3. Request Reconsideration

Ask for reconsideration if denied credit cards. The bank can review your application if denied credit cards, especially if you clarify your stance on foreign transaction fees and other concerns they might have.

Sometimes, a manual review of your application can be enough to reverse a bank’s refusal. The bank might reverse its decision if you can prove that your bank record with a negative rating is not an exception in emergencies.

4. Register for a Second Chance at a Checking Account

Consider second chances checking accounts, particularly those offered by brick-and-mortar branches. These accounts can give you all the advantages of a bank account and help you rebuild your bank history.

5. Temporarily, you can use a prepaid debit card

Utilizing a pre-paid debit card is another option, but be vigilant about any associated foreign transaction fees and ensure liability protection are included.

We recommend that you “dump” your pre-paid cards. To load cash, you can reload at Register locations.

Prepaid Visa® Account Features

  • Minimum opening deposit is $0.
  • Direct deposit allows you to get paid up to two days before the due date
  • A $1,000 direct deposit does not incur a monthly transaction fee.
  • Minimum account balance is not required.
  • 32,000 moneyPass®, ATMs with no fees for cash withdrawals
  • Walmart locations that accept government checks and pre-printed cash are eligible to participate.
  • Load cash from Walgreens, Dollar General Rite Aide, and Ralphs Krogers. No overdraft fees and non-sufficient funds fees.
  • Overdraft relief options are available to help you manage your account during difficult times.

These Account Features Are Important When You Choose a Bad Credit Checking Account

Now, you understand what a bad credit checking account is.

1. Monthly service fees

  • You must meet the minimum balance requirements. Banks will not charge minimum balance fees for customers who keep a minimum balance.
  • Register for direct deposit. Customers signing up for direct deposit will often be exempt from monthly service fees.
  • You can open savings accounts. Customers with multiple banking choices may be exempted from paying bank fees.

2. No minimum balance

You must avoid accounts that require a minimum balance should. It will reduce the likelihood that your account balance drops below the minimum or that minimum balance fees are assessed to you.

3. Free Perks

Banks want you to succeed, offering options like an online application process to make it easier.

4. Mobile Banking

Customers can access their bank via mobile banking, providing flexibility and control over their banking choices.

Five Resources for Bad Credit to Get You Back on Track | Open Bank Account Online no Deposit

Neglecting your credit score is not an option. It is important to have a bank relationship and an efficient online application process.

To get a personal loan or loan, you will need good credit. If denied a flat, apartment for rent or apartment to rent, you must pay an additional deposit.

For those struggling with poor credit scores, the idea of “loans for bad credit guaranteed” may seem appealing. However, it’s important to note that no lender can truly guarantee approval for a loan, especially if the applicant has a history of poor credit management. Despite this, options are available for those with bad credit, such as working with a credit counselor or exploring alternative lending options. It’s important to be cautious of predatory lenders who may take advantage of those needing financial assistance.

  1. Credit Cards.

Credit cards managed properly can increase your credit score within six months. You can pay full price with your credit card if you don’t have enough cash for groceries and gas.

  • The OpenSky®, Secured Visa®, and Credit Card offer both positive and negative sides. They charge $35 per year.
  • This First Digital Mastercard® was created to help you overcome credit problems. Every month, it reports back to all three major credit bureaus.
  • The Total Visa® Card comes with a $300 credit limit. You will need a checking account to apply for an increase to your credit limit.

2. Credit Builder Loans.

Credit builder loans build or improve your credit score. You can borrow money from your savings and then pay monthly credit bureaus.

  • Self-lenders can open credit building loans by opening a certificate deposit (CD) account.
  • You can pay $25, $48, $89, or $150 monthly.
  • You have two options to pay your loan. There are two options for paying the loan: 24- or 12-month terms.
  • Depending on the amount you borrowed, your interest rate for your “loan” is anywhere from 10.34% to 13.16%.
  • Making payments to major credit bureaus can build your credit history.
  • You build up a savings account in your CD during your loan term that you can cash out at its end.

3. Personal loans.

Consolidating your installment debt (personal loans) with revolving debts like credit cards can help you improve your credit score. You can also use personal loans to reduce debt. Remember to check for nearest dollar offers when considering personal loans.

4. Credit for utilities.

Experian Credit Boost gives consumers a positive payment history for accounts that don’t usually appear on their credit reports, especially regarding their branch locations.

  • Utility
  • Cell phone
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Netflix and other streaming fees
  • Physical locations where payments are made

Experian Boost allows you to add your monthly utility bill and other bills to your Experian Credit Report. It will give you positive payment histories, which can help you improve at least one credit score.

5. There is no credit card.

Credit cards can only be used by those who have good credit ratings. However, finding the nearest dollar rewards and offers can make a significant difference. Refer friends for a 4x higher reward rate based on the nearest dollar promotions available.

Your friends will be familiar with the shopping card trick. It allows you to apply for primary retailer cards without submitting credit checks. Credit accounts reporting on-time payments still improve credit scores. Managing your daily limits can also help you maintain a healthy credit score.

Lower your Owings to improve credit scores

30% of the FICO Score’s calculation refers to credit and debit balances.

  • Avoid low credit card balances or other revolving creditors.
  • You must pay all your debts. It is the best way to improve your credit score. Here are some tips to get rid of debt.
  • Do not close any credit cards that aren’t in use.
  • One credit card should be your only one. However, you should not open multiple credit cards you do not use. Consider using a physical card to limit online shopping and prevent impulsive purchases.
  • Keep track of money transfers to pay off debts effectively and responsibly.

Access to products and services for those with low credit scores

In the United States, bank accounts are available for those with low credit scores. You don’t need to pay any fees at the bank branch or for prepaid debit card fees. Gaining access to products designed for people with low credit scores can help improve your financial situation.

Final thoughts

Many people do not learn how to manage a checking account in school. Educating yourself on effective financial management is essential to avoid errors and maintain a good credit score.

Your financial health is directly affected by who you bank with. You can save money and time by managing your bank account properly. Choosing a bank that offers additional benefits such as fastest-growing checking accounts or specific accounts for consumers will further enhance your overall financial well-being. In addition, selecting a bank with convenient physical branch locations can provide easier access to banking services when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specific requirements and steps for opening a bank account online when you have bad credit and can’t afford an initial deposit?

Providing valid ID, SSN, contact info, and passing identity verification are key requirements. Fully completing the online application is the main step to opening an account with no deposit.

Do online banks or credit unions have more lenient policies for individuals with poor credit when it comes to opening accounts with no deposit?

Yes, online banks and credit unions focus more on verifying identity than credit score when considering zero-deposit accounts, making approval possible even with poor credit.

Are there any limitations or restrictions associated with online bank accounts opened with no deposit for those with bad credit?

Limits may include caps on deposits and withdrawals, no overdraft allowance, inability to open additional accounts, and holds on checks over certain amounts.

Jason Rathman

Jason Rathman


Jason writes about all financial topics such as loans, debt solutions, and bankruptcy. He is an expert when it comes to subjects like APR, loan fine print, debt collection laws within the United States. With his in-depth knowledge of all things financial, he is a great asset to Greendayonline.