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Credit Cards, Banks, and Travel!

Hey forget a National Lampoon vacation, this will be a great trip whether you’re relaxing, taking in a little business, or both! Frankly, all you really want to know is when you’re due to get on the plane?

But wait……..are you completely organized financially? Have you taken precautions? Do you have the right money? Actually, it could be a surprise just how many people aren’t organized at all!

Not enough cash, credit card goes over the limit; all manner of things could go wrong. So follow our guide and ensure you’re smiling both going and coming back!

OK So What Do We Need to Do Smart Alec?

It may seem silly but the first thing you should do is let your bank know you’re going abroad, how long you’re going for and when you plan to return. Put it this way?
safe credit card with a lock
If the bank then sees there are fraudulent-looking withdrawals then they can double-check to see what’s happening and so protect you along the way. They can freeze accounts if need be and you may even avoid big cash withdrawal charges.

It’ll only take a minute or two to make the call and then you’ll know you have a safeguard in place pronto! Mind you, it makes sense to be with a credit union as fees are lower anyway and as for the big banks, they’d probably appreciate you telling them as a matter of course!

Now Sort the Credit Card!

Yes, this is just as important and remember to tell family, employers, and friends maybe which company you are with. If you have multiple cards don’t take them all! Again tell the company what you told the bank. Many credit card companies are quite good with withdrawal charges and of course, you may even be using points or other benefits on the card.

Customer services will take the call and then you’ll be free to relax with real peace of mind. It can be hard enough when your card is rejected for any reason at home, but when it’s abroad it can cause all sorts of terrible problems. So be sure!

What about Cash Then?

wallet with cash and credit cards
Well, we all know we can carry a certain amount of cash for drinks, meals, days out, and all the other stuff. Ensure you take more than the required amount of money just to give you an added safeguard. The fact is it’s best to use cash whenever you can instead of any cards to avoid charges.

The worry of course is carrying this around but use a proper hidden pouch and safe in the hotel room. This also means you’re reducing the threat of identity theft. You can organize your cash across a number of days so you can actually control and plan your spending. If you lose your money it’s better than losing any of the cards of course. In actual fact, a great deal of this is down to common sense, but gentle reminders never do any harm to any of us.


Our time abroad should by and large be enjoyed and not spent worrying over this and that. It’s amazing what problems people can get themselves into financially though and of course, things do go wrong from time to time, causing unbelievable stress. Organizing the finances isn’t a glamorous job but for the time spent going through the process, it has to be worth a little inconvenience. So pack that case, make sure the passport is at hand and go take on the world, safe in the knowledge you are fiscally secure!

Jason Rathman