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How to Cash a Check Without ID |‌‌ Green Day Online

A cheque may only be cashed if the individual presenting it possesses identification. Banks are required by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to establish an identity verification procedure. You may be able to cash a check even if you don’t have identification.

Acceptable forms of identification

You will need an ID form from the government to cash a check. You can show your driver’s license or a state-issued identification if you don’t have one.

You can sometimes use a passport or military ID to identify yourself, but that depends on the bank. Different policies might apply to different banks. Some banks won’t accept any ID issued by the government.

For example, ID forms such as foreign licenses and out-of-state IDs may not be accepted. Two forms of identification may be required, the first being often a utility bill or credit card.

Can I cash a check without an ID?

It’s not unusual to see people without a valid ID form. The Brennan Center conducted a survey that found that more than 21,000,000 Americans do not have an ID form with a photograph issued by the government. Other cases include people who have lost or stolen their IDs.

To cash a check, you will need an ID. You should have it on hand. Many documents can be accepted as ID. You should contact your bank to find out which one they use. You can also ask your bank if they will accept a specific document as ID.

You don’t need an ID to cash a check, so you don’t have to be worried.

How do I cash a check without an ID

A valid ID is not required to cash a check.

To cash a check, for example, use a mobile app. Link your bank account or prepaid accounts to the app.

It all depends on the app you choose.

You can give the check to someone you trust. The original payee must also provide a photo ID.

You can cash a check without ID if you are:

  • Transfer it
  • ATM cashing is available at your bank
  • You can deposit it in your account by using an ATM at a bank.

Without a photo ID, you cannot withdraw or deposit money

Even if you don’t have the ID document required, you can still deposit the check into your account.

You can deposit a cashier’s check, and your funds will be available within 24 hours. TD Bank will also allow you to access 0 of your first deposit.

Money can only be withdrawn when it’s all available. ID is not required. Banks will only be interested if your signature matches the one on the file to withdraw the money.

ATM Check Cashing Without an ID

Automated teller machines are often a blessing as they allow you to deposit cash and allow you cash checks. This is even more.

If you have a Regions Bank checking, prepaid, or debit card, you can deposit your check and cash it at an ATM. All remaining funds must be transferred to your checking account.

Cashing your check doesn’t require identification. Always have your debit card handy.

Signing the check over

Signing the check to someone else will allow you to cash it without ID. Next, add the name and contact information of the person you trust.

Here is where you’ll sign the check.


If you don’t have a valid ID, you may feel panicked. You may feel panicked if you don’t have an ID.

This can be done by signing the check to someone else, making a withdrawal or deposit, or even cashing checks at an ATM.


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