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Can I Get a Title Loan Without the Title?

Here’s what to know

Yes, have your vehicle’s title to apply for a title loan. A title is evidence of ownership of the car and proves that the registration is in a certain person’s name. When seeking a title loan, a person will consider all available possibilities. A person may consider applying for a loan even if they do not own a car in their name since emergencies are a part of life.

Be the vehicle’s legal owner. What does it imply? Do you hold the title to the subject car? If you bought that automobile with a loan and still owe money? You are unable to use the car as security for an auto title loan. A driver’s license may also be required to guarantee your loan.

GreenDayOnline offers personal loans and lines of credit without a title. Still, only receive a title loan or pawn with a title or liens. Due to their flexibility and quick application process, our loans may be the best method to meet unexpected expenses. Certain states allow online and in-store purchasing.

What are Title Loans, and how does it work?

Title loans are no-credit-check loans often targeted at persons with low incomes and credit scores that are far from ideal. They don’t need a credit check during the application process, so they may be a good option for folks who are turned down for personal loans yet need cash. Other no-credit-check cash lending options are payday loans, pawn shop loans, and cash advances.

The borrower must put up collateral as a condition of the loan agreement with title loan firms, in contrast to unsecured payday loans. The title needed to be lien-free for the car to be completely paid off.

Why Apply for Title Loans from GreenDayOnline?

To apply for a title loan:

  1. You’ll need a clear title
  2. The government issues photo identification
  3. Proof of address
  4. Proof of income
  5. Details about your car include the make, model, and mileage.

You can use the equity in your car to exchange the pink slip for cash. A title loan officer will usually assess the condition of your vehicle.

Salvage title refers to a vehicle that has been damaged. GreenDayOnline can assist you in obtaining a loan for a salvaged vehicle. Insurance records will provide specifics about any accident damage. The car likely needs bodywork or repairs before being driven again. These circumstances may differ from one state to the next.

What are the requirements to apply for Online Title Loans?

Get a title transfer or duplicate copy if you don’t have one before applying for a car equity loan. Once you have a car title in your name, you may begin compiling your paperwork to hasten the approval procedure.

In addition to the title certificate, you can also be requested to present the following documents:

  • Provide a passport, driver’s license, or state ID card as proof of identity.

  • Proof of Residence: To apply for a vehicle equity loan, you must provide documentation of your address, such as utility bills, home deeds, rental contracts, and credit card transactions.

  • Paycheck stubs, bank statements, and benefit statements are acceptable evidence of income.

  • References: You can provide personal or professional connections to be approved for a vehicle equity loan.

What Are Auto Equity Loan Benefits?

Online title loans provide several advantages for qualifying customers with a car registered in their name. Borrowers can conduct much of the process online and may receive easy-to-pay terms.

Consider some of the advantages that online loans may provide:

  • Free Title Loan Estimate: You might get a free estimate and preapproval decision in minutes by utilizing an online title loan calculator. You need to submit the very minimum of details about your car.
  • Quick Process: Think about online title loans if you need cash now and have a deadline approaching! You might finish the approval procedure in as little as 24 hours after starting the inquiry process, which could take 5 minutes.
  • Modest Monthly Payments: Low-interest vehicle title loans are available online. Reduce monthly payments to save money for other expenses.
  • Competitive Rates: One of the most costly parts of a loan is the rate. However, the interest rates on online vehicle title loans are often reasonable, which could make repayment easier.

Tips for Preventing the Loss of Important Car Documents

When you own a vehicle, you have to deal with much paperwork, so you need to know where to store everything to keep track of everything and secure it. There are certain items you should store in the glove box of your automobile and others you shouldn’t. So where should you reserve your car’s other documentation, like your certificate of title?

Registration of Vehicles

Show a police officer your license and registration, but don’t keep the registration in the glove box. It is preferable and safer to keep a duplicate of your enrollment in your wallet, tucked away under your ID.

Car Insurance Documentation

Always keep this in your car’s glove box or secure storage space. You risk receiving a citation in most states if you have this nearby while driving.

A user’s guide

There shouldn’t be a drawer in your home where this is hidden. It has to be stored in your glove box so you may readily access it in case of a flat tire or a weird sign appearing on your dashboard. You must be able to handle automobile troubles while on the way. If it’s at home, this advice can’t assist you.

Title Certificate

You should only store paperwork in your real automobile, even your pink slip. If someone broke into your car and took it, they would likely have everything they needed to keep or sell. If you store the title in the glove box, they would also likely have the registration information.

The official document is your automobile’s title certificate. Therefore, it should stay in the right hands. Store it securely to prevent loss, theft, or damage. While obtaining a duplicate copy is an option, protecting the original will save you time, trouble, and a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Keeping your certificate of title in a safe deposit box, a fireproof container, or another secure location at home is a smart idea. Suppose you have a secure location to keep your passport, birth certificate, and other important documents. In that case, you should also save your pink slip there. You might also store a copy of the title for your car with a trusted family member or in a different location at home as an added degree of security.


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