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One Main Financial Reviews |‌‌ Green Day Online

Green Day Online suggests and reviews loans to get the best rate, OneMain Financial is one of the lenders that will provide personalized rates to pre-qualify you. Pre-qualifying won’t affect your credit score.

Pros & Cons


  • You can choose your payment date.
  • Secured and joint loans available
  • You can fund a loan in one business day or less
  • Direct payment to creditors for debt consolidation loans


Full Review | OneMain Financial

OneMain’s loan is more expensive than other online loans. However, they offer some consumer-friendly features, making them an attractive option for those borrowers who might not be able to get a loan elsewhere.

OneMain is the best option for borrowers who are:

  • Fair or poor credit (689 FICO score or lower).
  • You can add collateral to your application or a co-borrower, which could help reduce the rate.
  • You need the money fast.

OneMain is the only one that stands out

OneMain allows borrowers to use OneMain to add a co-applicant or vehicle to a loan application. Both options can increase borrowers’ chances of getting approved and getting a lower rate than they would if they applied independently. A secured loan will require that the vehicle be appraised and insured.

You can choose and change your payment dates: Borrowers have the option to pick their payment date at the time they sign a loan agreement. This is provided it’s within 45 calendar days of when they accepted the offer. They can also change the payment date once more times during the loan’s term.

The lender offers fast funding: One of the few lenders can approve a loan application within 24 hours. The time it takes for a loan to be funded can vary between lenders.

Branch access: OneMain has branches in all 44 states that offer personal loans. Although a borrower may apply for a loan online, meeting with a loan officer at a OneMain branch is possible.

Seven-day cancellation policy: Borrowers have seven days to cancel their loan and change their minds without making payments. Many lenders do not offer this feature.

OneMain is not enough

OneMain does not offer an autopay discount. This discount can be up to 0.5 percent and encourages borrowers who use autopay to make timely payments.

Origination fee: OneMain loans include origination fees. This is not uncommon for online lenders. The origination fee in some states is a flat fee between $25 and $500. In other states, it is 1% to 10% of the loan amount. These fees are often higher than other origination fees.

OneMain may offer credit insurance. This insurance can be used with either secured or unsecured loans. This insurance increases the loan costs. It may not be required if the borrower already has life insurance. Before purchasing credit insurance, it is worth learning about the pros & cons.

How to get a OneMain loan

OneMain does not disclose all of its requirements but states that it focuses on applicants’ ability to meet their monthly financial obligations, including rent or mortgage payments, while still afford the loan.

The lender does not have a minimum credit score requirement because it does not rely on credit scores to determine whether someone is eligible. It uses its underwriting system for applicants’ credit information and alternate data.

According to a spokesperson, three of the most important aspects of a loan application are credit stability, repayment ability, and collateral.

OneMain won’t approve applicants without a credit bureau file. It also says that it is difficult for borrowers not to get approved if they have very poor credit histories.

Here are the OneMain average borrower and loan amounts:

  • Average net income: $45,000.
  • Average loan amount: $10,000
  • Average loan term: 5 Years
  • Average APR: 25%

Example: A $10,000 three-year loan would result in a $399 monthly payment. The APR is 25.3%. The total interest paid by the borrower on this loan would be $4,364.

How to obtain a OneMain loan

Green Day Online Pre-Qualification

Green Day Online suggests comparing loans to get the best rate. OneMain is one of the lenders that will provide personalized rates to pre-qualify you. Pre-qualifying won’t affect your credit score.

OneMain is your best option

Submit your financial, personal, and employment information to OneMain’s website. An email will be sent to you with the decision.


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