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What Is The Steady App: Is it a Reliable Source of Income?

It is a mobile app that connects users with possibilities to make extra money on the side. The steady app provides a variety of ways for users to make money, including grants, job listings, app suggestions, and cash sign-up bonuses. On average, members of the Steady app can make an extra $5500 annually. There are many ways to make money on the app, which has over 1.5 million postings.

How Does Steady Work?

When you browse the website, a prompt to download the mobile app will appear right away. You should note that you can also search for gigs on your desktop. You’ll provide some basic information when you join the app. You should know that no credit card will be required during this process.

After that, you can choose to link your bank accounts. You are under no obligation to do this step, but doing so aids Steady in determining the precise amount of additional money you’re looking for. Additionally, it enables Steady to give you income tracking tools so you can see your success as you go.

What Are The Steady App Features?

Variety of Gigs

Jobs like meal delivery, grocery shopping, dog walking, house sitting, and package handling are among the many options in the app. There are still many alternatives in the app for users looking for regular part-time or full-time jobs. 

To avoid seeing occupations that do not interest them, users can even sort by opportunity type. It’s vital to remember that Steady’s primary goal is to assist members in finding side jobs, not full-time employment. Opportunities align with that objective.

Employer Perspectives

The Employer Insights section shows you a summary of potential employers, their average weekly salary, and how frequently payments are made. Knowing your potential profits and when you get paid can assist you in choosing which companies to work with.

Income Boosters

Steady users have access to the Income Boosters feature, which allows them to receive cash rewards. The portal offers suggestions for different financial products with welcome cash bonuses. To earn money quickly, you can then join up for these products.


Users struggling financially can submit a grant application right in the app. Although applying does not ensure that a member will receive funding, establishing a bank account can increase that member’s chances. According to Steady, it has already given users emergency grants totaling more than $4 million.

Job Search

You can browse through available jobs with Steady’s job search feature to identify those best suited for your particular scenario. You can narrow alternatives using their filters by employment kind, geography, and other criteria. Additionally, steady will offer jobs that are recommended only for you. You may also use keywords to search for specific employers or positions in which you might be interested.

Should I Give Steady A Try?

Steady could be a good fit if you want to find side jobs without spending hours searching online. If you decide to try Steady, we recommend signing up for the free trial first. This way, you won’t waste time figuring out what works and doesn’t

If you decide to continue using the service after the trial period ends. Premium plans are reasonably priced at $1.99 per month and provide more services, including job postings with higher pay.

Are There Any Fees?

Registration on Steady and the creation of a project are free. The company wants to make creating a membership program for you as simple as possible. Because of this, you can start using Steady immediately and selling memberships without needing to make any financial commitments. By doing so, you eliminate any risk. Steady retains a 10% commission so their staff can continue pursuing your desired service level.

Is Steady Legit?

Yes, Steady is a legitimate platform that offers employees opportunities for side jobs, without any obligation to buy anything or make purchases similar to loans like spotloan. The search tool is easily accessible and the company provides specific chances that resemble sales pitches. Additionally, the official website provides an option to apply for a loan.

How Much Can I Realistically Earn from Steady?

Your ideal income situation will vary depending on your unique skills, location, and level of effort, but the company claims that Steady members make an extra $5,500 annually on average. When you set up your Steady account, you can specify your financial objectives. 

Steady will point up opportunities to assist you in realizing your goals, whether attempting to pay a one-time expense, occasionally making extra cash, or even looking for long-term employment.

Who Benefits From Steady?

Those Who Are Entrepreneurial

The software can be helpful for prospective entrepreneurs even if its primary goal is to act as a matchmaker between you and already-existing marketplaces and gig economy apps. The Steady listings will inspire you to consider the services you can provide. These jobs are one approach to developing your entrepreneurial abilities and increasing your income while starting a business.

Students and new grads

Steady is fantastic for college students and recent graduates trying to get experience and improve their resumes. Additionally, it might help you make extra money as you seek a full-time position or work many jobs simultaneously. By doing this, you might discover what you like doing more thoroughly before settling down to work full-time.

Those seeking full-time employment

Customer service, personal help, retail sales, caregiving, hospitality, and housekeeping make up the majority of full-time positions on the app. From entry-level personnel to managers, opportunities are available. However, it’s not the best location to look for salaried professional jobs or higher-level positions in fields like medicine.

Alternatives To Steady App


Another great option to make money as a delivery driver is through goPuff. It has hundreds of facilities serving more than 1,000 communities around the country. The fact that goPuff has micro-fulfillment facilities is the best part of delivering for them. Instead of driving all around town to various sites, you can use these facilities to pick up orders from clients.

The median hourly wage is approximately $19.85. You receive a base salary as well as tips. Similar to Amazon Flex, goPuff’s scheduling allows you to set aside chunks of time for when you wish to work. 

Shiftsmart Partner

A website and app called Shiftsmart Partner enable workers, employers, and job seekers to connect with enterprises. You can engage exceptional workers who give you total control over your time and profits to increase customer happiness, lower turnover, and improve quality. 

You can also look for extra shifts in your neighborhood and add them to your schedule. For your work and skills, you may receive compensation. It is a platform that makes finding and managing information straightforward.


A new platform called Gurucan has a similar idea to Steady but also differs significantly. Gurucan is the first platform for funding foreign projects on the internet, whose earnings come from regular donations rather than advertising revenue. 

Gurucan and Steady are different in that Gurucan does not rely on advertising to make money, and projects only require 10% of their funding goal to complete payments.


Swagbucks is a reader and personal favorite for a good reason: in addition to offering the opportunity to complete surveys, it also provides a variety of other straightforward tasks you can complete to earn money, including watching videos, playing games, and receiving cash back for online purchases.

It is simple to earn thanks to the variety of assignments. My preferred method is cashback shopping, through which I have received $235 in free Amazon gift cards during the past year.

Most of the profits came from an internet mattress and bed frame purchase that qualified for an 8% cashback.

Amazon Flex

Another delivery software that allows you to utilize your own vehicle to deliver products for Amazon is called Amazon Flex. The hourly compensation range for drivers is $18 to $25, which is competitive with other applications of the same type.

Selecting time blocks within which you want to finish deliveries will allow you to create your own schedule. They will let you know how long your block will last and how much money you will make when you schedule it. Amazon processes your payments on Tuesdays and Fridays. The following day, a direct deposit ought to appear in your account.

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