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Loans Like Lendly |‌ Green Day Online

Personal loan services are available, we can offer loans like lendly for your emergency loan or an installment loan.

How do you get there?

Nearly Everyone Qualifies

Individual loans are available for those with bad credit.

Get funds quickly

After approval online, the proceeds of your personal loan are distributed within 1-2 days.

Fast and secure

Select the best product for you. After approval of the loan process, sign the agreement.

Different types of loans

  • Installment Loans
  • Emergency Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Short Term Loans

Personal Loans for the Employed : Loans Like Lendly

To cover unexpected expenses like home repairs and medical bills, an emergency loan of $500.00 is possible. There will be a 4% origination charge on each loan.

A recent study has revealed that nearly 40% of Americans cannot afford $400.00 to cover an emergency.

Many people have to search for payday loans that charge high fees and high interest.

Recent research shows that employees can be affected by financial stress. This could lead to them looking for other income sources or changing jobs. Stress can lead to lower productivity, loss of work, and even turnover.


These financial statistics are well worth looking at.

Due to 2008’s financial crisis, many lenders have stopped lending to people with low credit scores and small emergency loans.

Employers earning between $25k-60k are required to search online for payday loans.

Most people start asking questions like:

Are you eligible for a personal loan?

What are the best ways to get a personal loan fast?

Popular options include pawnshops and payday loans.

We offer financial assistance to help you avoid having to use payday loans or pawnshops.

We offer Loans and Payday loans.

The CFPB explains what a payday loan is.

The cost of securing a small loan amounting to $500.00 in five months

Lender fees up to $475.00

Green Day Online Loans Available at As Low as $30.00

Savings on our personal loans: $445.00

We offer installment loans of up to $6,000. A 4% origination fee will apply.

Here are some examples of fees and rates for loans from Green Day Online. A $3000 loan will require a $120 origination charge (4%) and an interest rate of 25.18% and 29.99%, respectively. The $73.71 loan will be paid in 52 biweekly installments over the next two years.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS : Loans Like Lendly

  • An installment mortgage will only be granted to applicants who have a track record of steady employment with an approved employer. This is subject to affordability.
  • A free financial education program will help you manage your finances, resolve debt and get out of debt.
  • Credit bureaus can report payment history.
  • Quick & Simple

It’s easy to understand our Underwriting Logic and Eligibility Criteria.

  • Personal Data Verified and Above 18 Years of Age
  • Screening to Avoid Fraud from the US Government Sanctions
  • In an Active Bankruptcy Proceeding, not
  • Minimum 12 months

Payday loan has their downsides.

  • Borrowing can be a common way to get into a vicious cycle.
  • It exudes simplicity and elegance.
  • Green Day Online provides loans at attractive rates and helps build credit history.

Green Day Online wants to lend responsibly to customers who have stable income streams and can get affordable credit to everyone.


  • Green Day Online makes loan applications easy.
  • Green Day Online provides quick cash for those who need it.
  • All communications between customers and employers are confidential.
  • Green Day Online’s best feature is its affordability. Within 24-48 hours, loans can be approved and disbursed.
  • Green Day Online is a partnership between KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education) and provides a financial wellness platform. Highlights: Credit report reviews; Budget counseling; Debt elimination techniques; Credit construction advice.

Quick and easy to apply:

Are you over 18?

You must be at least 18 to use our service.

Are you a U.S. resident?

You must be a citizen of the United States.

Are You a Bank Account Holder?

To transfer money to the USA, you will need a US bank account.

Can you provide proof of your address?

Must be able to provide proof of an active address in the United States.

Are you employed?

Must be employed within the past 12 months.


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