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Bad Credit Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval |‌ Green Day Online

You may have heard of guaranteed approval credit cards if you have bad credit. These cards usually have very low requirements.

An unsecured card may be available to you if your income proof and checking account are current.

Credit Cards that can be beneficial to people with poor credit or who wish to rebuild their credit rating will be discussed.

Unsecured Credit Cards with No Deposit

Unsecured credit cards do not require a security deposit. Card issuers can use them as a line credit. However, if used responsibly, they can help rebuild your credit and allow you to get a better-unsecured card.

These top-rated unsecured options for credit cards are worth considering:

1 Surge Mastercard(r)

  • Credit limit up to $1,000 doubles to $2,000 Simply make at least 6 monthly payments on time.
  • All types of credit are welcome to apply.
  • Register to e-statements to access your Vantage score 3.0 score at Experian*
  • Initial Credit Limit 300- $1,000* (subject credit availability)
  • Monthly reporting for major credit bureaus
  • You may check to see if you are Pre-Qualified. This will not affect your credit score.

The Surge MasterCard by Celtic Bank provides strong credit lines and fast preapproval decisions to those with low credit scores. This can help you build credit.

2 Reflex Mastercard (r)

  • Credit limit up to $1,000 doubles to $2,000 Simply make at least 6 monthly payments on time.
  • To find out if you are Pre-Qualified, check here. This will not impact your credit score.
  • All types of credit are welcome to apply.
  • Sign up electronically to receive statements. You will have free access to your Vantage 3.0 score.
  • Initial Credit Limit $300– $1,000* (subject credit availability)
  • Monthly reporting for major credit bureaus

Reflex Mastercard (r) is an option for people with bad credit. Responsible usage will improve your credit score.

3 Total Visa(r) Card

  • Check your account
  • Quick and simple application. Response in seconds
  • All US merchants accept Visa credit cards.
  • The monthly payment that can be managed
  • Credit limit $300 (subject to credit availability)
  • Monthly Reports to all three major credit agencies

Apply online for a Total Visa(r) Card in minutes. Visa cards are accepted everywhere Visa is accepted.

Secured Card with Approval upon Deposit

Secured credit cards are guaranteed approval and are very popular. Interest might also be earned.

Secured credit card cards are open to all, regardless of credit history.

These secured credit cards can help you start your search.

4 Capital One Platinum Secured credit card

  • There is no hidden or annual fee. To find out if your application was approved, please refer to the instant approval process.
  • Building credit Capital One Platinum Secured may be a great way to build your credit.
  • To get a $200 credit line, you must make $49 in refundable security deposits.
  • If you use your card responsibly and pay your bills promptly, your security deposit could be refunded.
  • Your credit limit is automatically increased within six months, with no additional deposit.
  • It is possible to be sure that $0 Fraud Liability will not hold you responsible for any unauthorized charges.

Capital One Platinum Secured credit Cards offer a secured credit card with a $200 credit limit. You can increase your credit line in 6 months by paying monthly fees. It reports to all major credit bureaus.

5 OpenSky (r) Secured Visa (r) Credit Card

  • No credit check is required. OpenSky believes that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed.
  • The amount that you pay is the refundable* limit on your Visa Card. Start at $200
  • You can quickly build credit. OpenSky provides credit reports to all three major credit agencies.
  • Customers without credit scores were able to obtain credit scores records from credit bureaus within 6 months.
  • This group is for people just like you. To share your experiences and gain insights from others, visit our Facebook Fan Page.
  • OpenSky offers credit tips and a section on our website dedicated to credit education. This will help you in your credit journey.

A secured Visa(r), Card allows you to have credit limits from $200 to $3,000 and requires a security deposit.

6 Secured Credit Card

First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard(r).

  • Get your card faster with the new expedited process option.
  • There is no minimum credit score or credit history requirement to approve
  • Apply online immediately and without credit checks
  • With Experian, you can view your credit score and monitor your credit.
  • Secured credit card with full-feature Platinum Mastercard(r), Our Mobile App for Android Users!
  • These cards are good for renting cars, hotels, and using other credit cards.

First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard(r), Secured Card has the lowest annual fees among all secured cards.

A prepaid Visa (r), and Mastercard (r) are also options.

A prepaid Visa/Mastercard is a good option for those who don’t want to pay interest or credit. Credit bureaus will not report your payment history.

Prepaid cards are available in the same manner as credit cards. Prepaid cards make it possible to pay for purchases online.

7 Brinks Prepaid Mastercard

  • All our customers can feel secure and at ease with Brinks.
  • Brink’s direct debit makes it faster to get paid than with a paper cheque.
  • The card is not a credit card, so there is no interest or late fees.
  • The Brink’s Prepaid mobile application allows you to manage your account. You can also get text messages and email alerts.
  • *Card issued and maintained by Republic Bank & Trust Company. Member FDIC. This card can be used wherever Mastercard Debit cards will be accepted.
  • Additional Brink’s Prepaid MasterCard(r) details.

8 PayPal Prepaid Mastercard(r)

  • Transfer money to your prepaid account using your PayPal account.
  • You can get cash back just for using your card.
  • Direct deposit works faster than paper checks.
  • The Bancorp Bank Member FDIC issued this card. This card can be used anywhere Debit Mastercards are accepted.
  • For more information and to request a card, click PayPal Prepaid MasterCard(r).

9 Prepaid card

With Netspend Direct Debit, you’ll get paid quicker than a paper check.

  • The card is not a credit card, so there are no late fees or interest.
  • There are no Overdraft fees for purchases made with your card.
  • Manage your account from anywhere with the NetSpend mobile application. You also have the option to receive text messages and email alerts.
  • Member FDIC. You can use your card wherever Visa Debit cards will be accepted.
  • Additional NetSpend(r), Prepaid Visa(r), details.

Prepaid cards offer convenience and ease without worrying about getting into debt. However, you can’t use the card to build or establish credit.

Prepaid Cards can be a great option for people who just want to make small and easy purchases. Prepaid Cards are not recommended for anyone who wants to improve their credit score or credit history.



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