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Payday Loans Online Kansas Same Day No Credit Check

Emergencies can happen anytime. Online payday loans can be a great solution if you have an emergency and need cash quickly. 

Customers can get the money they need with short-term payday loans in Kansas.

We also do payday advance loans, online installment loans, fast cash loans, and title loans.

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and almost a third have a poor credit score.

 We offer payday loans without a credit check and below will explain how it works.

How do the loans work?

You might be curious about how our online payday loans work. Personal loans are subject to a $15 one-time fee. This fee is non-refundable as long as the payment is made on time. This fee covers the cost of the service of the payday advance.

While $15 may seem expensive to some, it is reasonable when compared with other fees. A $35 fee could be assessed if a person has overdrawn their bank account. Some banks do not provide warnings that you have an overdraft.

One person could end up paying over 100 in fees for bank overdrafts without realizing it! Instead, a payday loan could help them save money.

You might be curious about how payday loan applications are approved since we don’t check credit scores. Each online payday lender uses a different process. We require that our customers meet the following requirements at Green Day Online:

  • Applicants must have an active bank account open and have been in operation for at least 30 consecutive days.
  • All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The applicant’s address must be located in an area where we are licensed (licensed in Kansas to lend and operate in Kansas).

Why you should choose Kansas-licensed lenders for your online payday loans

Borrowing from a Kansas-licensed lender like Green Day Online has its benefits. Research is the best way to make an informed decision about a lender. Many people prefer direct lenders that are licensed by the state.

People prefer state-licensed direct lenders for many reasons. Direct lenders can also be easier because you only work with one company.

We will begin by examining the security of your personal data. A person could apply to an indirect lender, and that company would send all their personal information. They would then forward it to multiple loan companies.

Multiple companies could have access to your data. They might have access to your name, address, and social security number. You might be emailed your information to a fraudster! It is possible that you do not know who has your information.

These companies will likely send you a lot more mail. You may receive offers from these companies that you are not eligible to borrow. Your personal information is not lost if you borrow from a direct lender like Green Day Online.

We not only keep your personal information safe, but we have many processes to protect it. Our team is well-trained to protect all your private information.

How to Find Kansas Direct Lenders

There are other benefits to choosing an online payday loan lender. Green Day Online adheres to stricter compliance standards at the federal and state levels. There are two ways to check if the state has licensed a loan provider.

Visit their website to see if this information is available. You can also contact a lender to get more information about their licenses. Direct lenders licensed by the state will want to give you that information.

They want to ensure you know you’re working with a top loan provider. They are more than willing to share this information via their website or phone.

Smart consumers will choose to work with a Kansas-licensed direct lender. For your payday advance needs, choose a Kansas-licensed lender.

Easy Loan Process

The loan application process is simple. When you borrow money from a direct lender like Green Day Online, you only work with one company. We review your application and deposit your funds. You will receive your payment at the conclusion.

Applicants can log on to their accounts anytime during the loan process. You can access your loan agreement and information there. We are available to assist you throughout the process.

Maximum Loan Amount

Kansas residents can borrow up to $500.


The loan fee is $15 for each $100 borrowed.

Lender Lengths

Your loan is due the day after receiving your next pay date, which falls between 8 and 31 calendar days. Your loan will become due 31 days after your next pay date falls outside these ranges.

Paying off your loan

Payments are essential around your payday. Bi-weekly, twice-per-month, or monthly payments will be made. You have the option of paying only the minimum amount or more with each payment.

Your loan must be paid in full by the due date, as per Kansas law. You must submit early payoff requests by 6:00 pm Central time on the day before your due date.

Loans and credit checks

There are no limits to how many loan companies one can work with. It is a good idea to apply only for funds you require to pay an immediate expense. Although it can be difficult to accept extra cash, only taking what you need can help reduce costs.

Every person’s emergency might be different. It might be necessary to pay rent or house payments. You may need to purchase food and groceries for your family. You can also use online payday loans to cover emergency expenses.

A borrower can use these loans to purchase food or groceries for the family. A payday loan is available for other reasons. You can also use payday loans to spread large purchases over multiple pay periods or avoid paying a fine or fee.

Overdraft fees can be as high as $35 at some banks. An online Kansas Payday Loan could help you save $20 and keep your bank account topped up. The same principle applies to avoiding late fees on bills.

Repaying your loan

Paying back your payday loan on time is another good practice. Repayment can reduce expenses and avoid a possible late fee. Green Day Online is here to assist our customers. Your loan will automatically become due when your next pay period is between 8 and 30 calendar days.

If you cannot pay your loan within the due date, you can extend it by three days. Call us or go online to set it up. We can offer a Promise-to-Pay plan for those who don’t have the time. These loans allow you to split the payment into smaller amounts that are easier to manage.

Payday Loans in the state of Kansas

We provide a free listing service for all quick cash lenders in Kansas. The businesses named are not associated in any way with, and we in no way are recommending you do business with them.

Payday Loans in the state of Kansas

All these Cities and Town can get a loan with us.
  • Abilene
  • Andover
  • Arkansas City
  • Atchison
  • Augusta
  • Basehor
  • Bel Aire
  • Bonner Springs
  • Chanute
  • Coffeyville
  • Colby
  • Derby
  • De Soto
  • Dodge City
  • El Dorado
  • Emporia
  • Eudora
  • Fort Scott
  • Garden City
  • Gardner
  • Great Bend
  • Hays
  • Haysville
  • Hutchinson
  • Independence
  • Iola
  • Junction City
  • Kansas City
  • Lansing
  • Lawrence
  • Leavenworth
  • Leawood
  • Lenexa
  • Liberal
  • McPherson
  • Manhattan
  • Merriam
  • Mission
  • Mulvane
  • Newton
  • Olathe
  • Ottawa
  • Overland Park
  • Paola
  • Park City
  • Parsons
  • Pittsburg
  • Prairie Village
  • Pratt
  • Roeland Park
  • Salina
  • Shawnee
  • Spring Hill
  • Tonganoxie
  • Topeka
  • Ulysses
  • Valley Center
  • Wellington
  • Wichita
  • Winfield


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